Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another New State for Tumbleweed

(West Memphis, AR) Hi 66 Lo 44 – It was chilly this morning getting ready to leave. It was very fast since we were only in place for two days and didn’t do much to mess up anything. I was so glad to get out of the trees. I think Jim would have had to move me if we were to stay another day. My mood changes for the worse when we're closed in by trees. Today’s destination took care of that!

We had a great travel day, smooth and uneventful. We’re now in West Memphis, AR on the bank of the Mississippi River at the Tom Sawyer's Mississippi River RV Park.  It’s our kind of park! The only thing it's missing is paved roads in the park instead of gravel.

IMG_5823 (800x600)

We're backed right up to the Mississippi River. Here’s our view from the inside of the RV.
  IMG_5833 (800x600)

We have a great view of the river barges as they go up and down the river. I won’t bore you with lots of pictures of barges, but I have to include a couple.
IMG_5832 (800x600)

IMG_5836 (800x600)

A few views of our site.
IMG_5841 (800x600)



Not sure what the deal is with this building. Maybe it was  "shoved" by a flood at one time.

The air was chilly, but sitting behind the RV in the sun was very comfortable. I may just have to stay here. :)

We plan to do a little sightseeing in downtown Memphis tomorrow. We came through Memphis a couple of years ago and took the time to see Graceland, but we didn't get to see the downtown area. Hopefully we'll find a good BBQ place while we're here.

Thanks for all the comments lately. We really appreciate it.


hobopals said...

I stayed at Tom Sawyer on my trip. I liked being right on the river so I stayed for over a week.

The building you see opened while I was there. It was a brand new FREE laundromat. It must have been a flood that pushed it. The park closes once the river reaches a certain height.

I was there shortly after a flood. I loved watching the barges--after a while, they get to know you and will wave!

All the employees were great and one of the men who worked at the park fell in love with Jack and visited him several times per day.

The only complaint I had was the immediate surroundings once exiting the park. When I left, I forgot to re-set my GPS so it took me backroads through Memphis and I found myself right in the middle of a drug bust!

Thanks for the memories.

Sandra said...

We didn't stay there when we were in that area but heard about it. I hear laundry is free! Enjoy Memphis!

Dan and Gail said...

Love this park. The laundry is free. Our son and youngest daughter lived in Memphis for several years just a block from the Arcade restaurant. Ride the downtown trolley. It used to cost just 50 cents for the whole trip. We got on close to the Arcade restaurant (50's diner where Elvis hung out) and rode the whole way around past Sybil Shepherd's house. Check out Sun studio and BB King's place.

Mac and Netters said...

We have stayed there! It's nice to sit and just watch the barges.
For BBQ, you might try "Corky's". We went there a few years ago and thought it was wonderful!
Have fun in Memphis...

Jessica and Harry said...

Love the pictures! This looks like an awesome place to stay. Harry and I were looking at this park online, so we were glad to hear you were going to be staying there - we knew we would see some pictures of your surroundings, and I love the one especially of the view out your windows!! :)

Jeff & Barbie said...

Noyhing like a room with a view. Love the picture from the inside of your rig.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

What a fantastic view!!! and... NO TREES! you must be in your glory... boats, sunshine and no trees!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

cathie said...

We stayed there one night on our way to Charleston, SC. We got there after dark and left in the rain in the early morning, but what a great place. We were also right on the river and did get to see a few barges go by. Would love to go back, but will make sure it is not in the hot summer, as there was no shade in those great spots.