Friday, March 9, 2012

Park Activities

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 87 Lo 63 -- It's getting quite warm and humid and it's almost time to leave before it gets unbearable. We're occasionally seeing spiders and bugs in the RV, another reason to get moving. 

I got up at 8:00 with Jim today. Those that know me know I'm not an early bird. I wanted to check out some of the morning activities in the park. Some of the activities start at 7:00.

First was shuffleboard. Every Friday players from another RV park come to play against the best players at our park. Today our visitors were from Tanglewood RV Park in Sebring. There were six matches, so all of the courts were in use. They played three games, then took a break for donuts and coffee, then played three more games. They pay $6 apiece to enter and the winning team splits the pot at the end of the tournament.
2012-3-9 adelaide activities (16)

Adelaide Shores has its own cheerleaders.
2012-3-9 adelaide activities (15)

While the shuffleboard tournament was being played there was an aqua-size class going on. They exercise to an audio tape and it’s an hour long.
2012-3-9 adelaide activities (14)

Meanwhile, there was wood carving and crochet classes in the clubhouse.

This knitted rug is huge.
2012-3-9 adelaide activities (6)

This lady was working on a smaller matching rug.
2012-3-9 adelaide activities (7)

These are the wood carvers
2012-3-9 adelaide activities (3)

This woman is carving a plaque. The gloved hand is to wipe off the slivers of wood.
2012-3-9 adelaide activities (4)

This guy is making little animals.
2012-3-9 adelaide activities (9)

No one was making same thing.
2012-3-9 adelaide activities (8)

And other women are working on all kinds of crocheted and knitted items.
2012-3-9 adelaide activities (12)

We spent part of the afternoon reading. I have seven days to finish the book Left Behind, so I got another few chapters done. The pool party was this afternoon, but it started raining so we didn’t venture out.

After dinner we went to the horse races. We’ve heard about this since we got here, so we went to see what it was all about. They introduced the “gals” that would take care of the money and winnings. They were all doozied up as hillbillies. They were a hoot!

There are six "horses" at the top of the table, numbered 1 through 6, and you place a bet on your favorite. Then they they roll three dice, and the three horses with numbers matching the dice move one step closer to the finish line. When one of the horses cross the finish line everyone who picked that horse collects their winnings. Each bet was a quarter, and the average winning was about $2.50. What a fun time! We placed a few bets but didn't win. :(

We walked back home in a light rain, and it continued to rain all evening. It was a great day in the park. Next year we'll take part in more activities, but I’ll have to change my ways to get up earlier in the morning.

If it continues to rain we may have to mow the grass before we leave on the 29th.


Jim and Sandie said...

I will just never understand why they want to do these activities at 7:00 in the morning. 10:00 is plenty early in my book and I have trouble getting to any of those. I'm retired.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

You'll have to Complain to the Retiree's representative about things starting so early. LOL

There are really a lot of different ways of keeping busy and having fun.

It's about time.

GGuncle said...

AS JOHN WAYNE use to say hey pilgrim, we're burning daylight.