Thursday, March 8, 2012

Catch Up Day

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 82 Lo 60 --  We both slept very well last night, just too tired to even roll over.

The only thing planned for today was to get one of our bank accounts closed, which I tried to do by phone with no success. I even found a local address for a branch of the bank, but it turned out to be only an ATM at a Dunkin' Donuts. I looked up the corporate phone number of the bank and called them and found out there's no actual bank branch in our area. But the friendly gentleman I spoke with took my info and closed the account within a couple of minutes. Why didn't they do that when I called them earlier this week? On the first call the rep gave me the third degree and I couldn't satisfy him that I was the account owner. This guy today  didn't ask half the questions and I had no trouble convincing him of who I was. Lesson learned: If you can't get satisfaction with one call, hang up and try again. With all the people that work in call centers you won't get the same person twice. It's always worth a try.

Jim worked on getting an extended service plan (ESP) for the RV. Our factory warranty has expired (not that it matters since Carriage, Inc. has gone out of business). About three weeks ago he signed up for Good Sam's ESP. But since then he did more research and found out we overpaid for the plan. Today he called Good Sams and cancelled our plan (you have 30 days to cancel for a full refund), and bought a new plan from They're a broker service that finds the best plan to meet your individual needs. The bottom line is we got a 5-year plan, including wheel and tire replacement, for about a third the price of Good Sam's plan (without a wheel/tire policy). The main thing to be sure of with ESP's is the rating of the insurance underwriter. Our plan is underwritten by Cornerstone United, and they're an "A" rated company. If you're thinking of an ESP for your motorhome or fifth wheel, give them a call. If you decide to buy from them, we'd appreciate it if you'd mention you heard about them from James Walter.

We had about two weeks' worth of mail forwarded from our mail service and it arrived today. It's funny how we used to look forward to the daily mail when we lived in our sticks & bricks home. Now we go weeks without mail, and we don't miss it a bit!

We both spent most of the day catching up on all the blogs and stuff we missed yesterday. Jim took his walk around the park and I just didn't get around to it. We had pizza night at the clubhouse and talked with a few people. We're starting to wind down, with this being our last month of activities here in the park.

We learned our neighbors across the street are gone. We didn't even see them packing up so it must have been a quick departure. There will be many leaving by April 1.

Now we're off to the clubhouse for another evening of playing cards.


Speedy said...

I will look these folks up. We are looking to get an ESP too. Mine runs out this month so we need something. If it is not too expensive we will get it and mention Jim. Hope we never have to use it.
What is ironic is that when we bought the Ameri-camp they went out of business...then we bought the Open Road they went out of business. Then we bought the Carriage...Well you know the rest of that story. Now we have bought a Tiffin...Well they better look out!

Joe and Sherri

Jeannie said...

We're with Cornerstone United as well...Hope they do well by all of us!

Jeannie said...

We're with Cornerstone United as well...Hope they do well by all of us!