Monday, September 26, 2011

Movie Day - Travel Preparation Day

(Scott AFB, IL) Hi 69 Lo 49 -- We're keeping the little heater on in the bedroom at night, just too cool to sleep without it.

It was a very busy day getting things packed up for tomorrow's move. We fueled up both vehicles, and it's so nice that fuel prices are dropping. We're hearing Illinois has the lowest prices in the nation. I paid $3.12 a gallon today for gas, and Jim paid $3.79 a gallon for diesel.

I went to the commissary to get some groceries, mainly sandwich fixings for the trip tomorrow. The commissary was packed and it was hard finding a parking place. This base has always been about the busiest one we've ever been on. It's the headquarters of two major commands, U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and Air Mobility Command (AMC). So not many planes, but a lot of people! While I was gone Jim aired up all the tires on the truck. The tires on the rig are fine. Ever since he upgraded the wheels and tires back in May they haven't lost even a pound of air. We're very pleased with that purchase. When I got the groceries put away we left to pick up Frank and went to see the movie "Moneyball." It's all about baseball, which I'm not fond of, but I love Brad Pitt. He was the only reason I went, but I learned quite a bit of what happens behind the scenes in picking players and then trading them. It's a very good movie, and if you like baseball you'll really love it. Jim and Frank raved about it. Brad Pitt did a great acting job, and should get an Oscar nomination.

When the movie was over we went back to Frank's and picked up Angie an the kids then headed to Culver's for dinner. We've been here three weeks and this was our first visit to Culver's. Hard to believe, right? We had a very nice meal and visited for awhile, then said our goodbye's. It's really tough to leave the family. We plan to come back next April.

We came home and packed up the little stuff, which will give us less to do in the morning. We then watched some TV before heading to bed.


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

We have seen Culvers in a couple places but have never stopped. One of these days, we will...only because you like it so much! Otherwise, I'm not sure it would have even crossed our radar :)

Jim and Sandie said...

Nice to have so much done the night before. We're pulling out in the morning and most of our to do is already done also. We paid $3.99 for diesel here in Montana. Price isn't going down here.

GGuncle said...

gas at my local gas station is still about $3.79 for regular, i was close to the seneca indian reservation yesterday & stopped there for gas-$3.20 a gal. thats .59 cents per gal. savings if i put 20 gals. in my 26 gal tank thats over $11. savings. then the gov. wonders why we go there. they bring their gas in from canada in their own tank trucks. dom...

Diane and Rich said...

we are having a mini gas war in upstate SC. One station lowered gas to 2.99 and now others are down to 3.07. Don't know how long it will last.

Anonymous said...

It's Donna.
I paid 2.84 for regular this morning....of course at end of year when we have to pay exoribant personal property taxes on our vehicles it will more than make up the lower gas prices
Donna W.