Thursday, September 15, 2011

A "Me" Day Out With a Friend

(Scott AFB, IL) Hi 64 Lo 46 -- COLD last night! It was in the 40's, but an extra blanket on the bed, along with some snuggling, kept us warm all night. I'll have to get out our little heater if this keeps up. I'm glad it's only for a couple nights, then it will warm up again.

I spent today with my long-time friend Ruth. We were chaperones over 20 years ago when our kids were in the O'Fallon High School Band. We stay in touch by email and Facebook, and I always get together with her whenever we come to town. We went shopping, had lunch, and generally had a good time together.  I found a real dressy blouse at Dress Barn that I'll wear at a wedding we're going to next month. I didn't keep many nice clothes when we downsized, so I shop for something whenever a dressy event comes up.

Jim had a day to himself around the rig. He puttered around outside with little "screw tightening" jobs, and he also did the laundry. The laundry here on base costs only 75 cents a load, and on some bases it's free. Nice! After dinner we watched TV and read all evening. We have quite a bit planned the rest of the week.


squawmama said...

Isn't it great to catch up with old friend spending the day with them having girl time!!! We'll be back at our home park in a little over a week and I have several friends to catch up with. Have a great time Dee... how nice Jim does the wash!!!

Chris said...

Sounds like you had a day of fun and relaxation. Good for the soul.

Diane and Rich said...

sounds like you had a nice relaxing day.