Monday, August 1, 2011

New Month - Cleaning

(Ellendale, MN) Hi 88 Lo 76 --  Another month, and now it's mid summer with this month being the hottest of the year. It seems a long time ago we were in Canada, with cool temperatures and low humidity, but it was just a month and a half ago.

We wanted to get an early start in cleaning out the basement of the RV today. Luckily, it wasn't real warm and there was a nice breeze all morning.  There was storms in the area but they stayed north of us, so we got a lot done in re-organizing the basement without getting too hot.  We like to pull everything out of the basement and clean it out every few months.

After a good cleaning, and re-sorting, it looks very organized.

When that was all done we had a bite to eat, then Jim went to town to do the laundry. While he was gone I did the budget for the month of July. We didn't do bad at all; we're hoping to catch up budget-wise the next couple of weeks. At least until we get to the kids' later this month. Tomorrow we're off to Iowa, another new state for Tumbleweed.


Carol and Johnny said...

Looks very nicely organized!

Rick and Elaine NB said...

way to go we do the same thing reorganize every couple of weeks...I stay away from the basement storage..but Rick says I'm forever moving things around inside...just trying to make it mine..:)

Budd Nash said...

Jim, I see you as the only part of the royal "We" that has a sweating shirt on.

Still, basement cleaning is an honorable occupation.

I have to do mine occasionally (as opposed to regularly) mostly to remind me what I have in there and where... It's more like cleaning out my memory than the basement since very little that comes out from under ever actually leaves the RV.

RonandJacki said...

Hi Jim and Dee,
I'm so glad to see you two are still enjoying the RV life. I haven't been around for a while as I was getting way too distracted from my real life and trying to live the life of all the bloggers I was folowing. We are still in the "RV someday" mode however. ust passed through this way to say hello and wish you all well.