Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last Visit with Friends... Till Next Time

(Ellendale, MN) Hi 90 Lo 72 Hot and humid -- Today was a kick back day. All afternoon we were with Linda and Chuck.  They came over to visit with us and see what this full time life is all about. Jim grilled brats and hot dogs, but we brought them inside to eat as it was just too hot to eat outside.

We watched the park owners do work around the park all day, wondering how they do it in this heat. They seem dedicated to making this a beautiful resort in the future. They already have grass and landscaping around the office building near the park entrance. Get the roads and pads paved and the landscaping done and this will be a fine place.

We saw something while driving around this area that's new to us. When it snows so much that the highways are impassable they have gates at the on ramps to close down the interstates. That tells me never to come to Minnesota in the winter.  Thinking about snow makes us feel cooler in the heat today. :)

It's one of those days there's nothing much to report or write about.  We loved being with our friends here in Minnesota, and are sad to part with them. Thanks again Linda and Chuck for a great visit. Tomorrow is a travel preparation day, as we move on south Tuesday and add Iowa to our state map.

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GGuncle said...

on i-70 in western kansas, you also have those signs about the winter shutdowns.its kinda like rolling hills, not flat, but not mountainous either. dom.