Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Time in Chicago Area

(Joliet, IL) Hi 77 Lo 56 -- Last evening after the day's blog was completed we received a visit from Phyllis and Rick, a couple of my chatting friends that we last met about a year ago. They live not far from here. They stayed only a short time, but we made plans to go out to dinner together when we return here in a week. Thanks for stopping by guys, it was nice seeing you again.

We got an early start to go to our son's house today. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago, about 40 minutes from our campground. (We found out that car trips in Chicago are measured by time rather than distance.) It was a great visit and we enjoyed catching up with our goings on over the summer. I saw Rick and Laura in May when my mom and I flew to St. Louis to my sister's, but Jim didn't go.

Jim and Rick talked photography all day. It's something they have in common, and Rick has been learning new lighting techniques that he was anxious to show his dad. We both had fun being "models" while he tried different lighting effects on us.

Rick and Laura

Rick got his grill going and we had dinner of "chick-ke-bobs" and steak.

Later we went for ice guessed it, Culver's. It's right down the street from their house. (How come we always end up near a Culver's? Hmmmm...)

We stayed till almost dark then came back to the park.  We leave for the Elkhart, IN area tomorrow morning. Anyone in the area?


Rick and Elaine NB said...

so happy that you got to have a nice visit with your son....:) and a wonderful supper and ice cream to safe tomorrow...

squawmama said...

Always nice visiting with our kids isn't it!!! Glad you guys had fun. And Ice Cream at Culvers I know you didn't like that ~ right?
Have fun & Travel safe

Jim and Sandie said...

Have fun in Elkhart - we were there last year. Lots of good places to eat and fun things to see.