Thursday, August 11, 2011

Antique Cars - Palace Campground - Visiting with Friends

(Galena, IL) Hi 78 Lo 58 – A lot warmer today. There were a few more shops in downtown Galena that we wanted to see, so since it's only about four miles away we decided to spend some more time there this morning. There was an antique car group passing through town on the way to a car show. We spoke to one of the car owners and he said that, just like RV’ers they go around to different areas all summer just to drive their cars. Here’s a few of their cars.
IMG_3501 (600x800)

IMG_3500 (600x800)

IMG_3493 (800x600)

IMG_3487 (800x600)

IMG_3486 (800x600)

IMG_3489 (800x600)

We walked the streets for an hour or so and then came back to the park. We've enjoyed our stay here, it's a really nice place. It’s quiet, and has many amenities. There’s a miniature golf course, pool, and play area.  We see kids but don’t hear them. The bath house is clean. There's a small laundry room - only two washers and two dryers - but it's one of the cheapest we've seen, only one dollar per load.
IMG_3503 (800x600)

The office building and the pool.
IMG_3505 (800x600)

2011-8-9 Palace CG Galena IL (11) (800x600)

The miniature golf course.
2011-8-9 Palace CG Galena IL (1) (800x600)

The park has several loops.
2011-8-9 Palace CG Galena IL (6) (800x600)

This is a huge tent area
2011-8-9 Palace CG Galena IL (9) (800x600)

2011-8-9 Palace CG Galena IL (5) (800x600)

One of the more wooded loops.
2011-8-9 Palace CG Galena IL (13) (800x600)

Three of the five cabins available for rent.
2011-8-9 Palace CG Galena IL (7) (800x600)

Our site is across the street from the bath house and laundry room.
2011-8-9 Palace CG Galena IL (15) (800x600)

2011-8-9 Palace CG Galena IL (14) (800x600)

There’s plenty of trees around but they’re very tall and not too confining... just the way we like it!

We spent the evening with Terri and Mike. They recently sold their house and are now full timers. They're on their way to South Dakota from Virginia and are staying in an RV park about an hour away. They were nice enough to drive here to Galena to join us for dinner. We last saw them back in May when we were at the KOA in Richmond, VA. They were living in the Excel fifth wheel at the time and anxiously trying to sell their house. It was so great to see them again and, now that they're on the road I'm sure we'll be meeting up again in the future.

Thank you Terri and Mike for the visit.

Tomorrow it's off to Joliet, IL for the weekend. We'll have a short visit with our son Rick and his lovely wife Laura, and our grandkids before we head to the Elkhart, IN area next week.


Jim and Sandie said...

Love those old cars. Lots of money tied up in them.

Nancy and Bill said...

Great to see RV-Dreamers meeting up and enjoying good times!!

Judy and Emma said...

I'll try to remember to wave as you drive by from Joliet to Elkhart! :)

squawmama said...

We love looking at old cars too... Sure looks like a nice park you're staying in! It is great that you got to meet up with your new friends again.
Have fun & Travel safe

Mike and Terri said...

We were thrilled to see you guys again and are already looking forward to the next time our paths may cross. Until then, safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim and Dee, I bet Jim liked those old cars,, cant wait to see you again,,, love to Rick and Laura
sis sharon