Friday, July 1, 2011

Sid Turcotte RV Park and Mattawa

(Mattawa, Ontario, Canada) Hi  77   Lo 55  --  It was cold when we got up so we  turned on the fireplace to get the chill off.  The electric power is very low here, so we’re very careful what we turn on.  It’s 30-amp service, but we’re reading only 105-106 volts on our little meter in the kitchen.  We have a whole-house surge protector, so we’re protected if it drops too low.
Last night we had dinner at a little restaurant close to the park called Myrt’s Family Restaurant.
I ordered a chicken taco. Think it’s big enough? 
I ate about three-quarters of it. It was the best taco I’ve ever had.  (It was more like a taco salad.)  Jim had hamburger steak with mashed potatoes. We were both quite impressed with our meals.
Our TV has an iPod dock so Jim connected his iPod to it so we can listen to music. This morning we walked down to the picnic table by the office to connect to their wi-fi and catch up on emails and blogs.  I also chatted with Sandra for a bit.  The wi-fi is only available at the table; if you move 10 feet away the signal goes away. :(
We went back to the RV and Jim worked some more on the satellite dish, but to no avail. The satellites are just too low and we have a fence, trees, and buildings blocking the signals.
After lunch we drove around Mattawa to see what’s here. We decided to delay our trip to North Bay until tomorrow, since this is a holiday (Canada Day).
This street goes between these two buildings. It would really be close if we were towing the RV.
IMG_2124 (800x528)
This is the Mattawa Marina on the Ottawa River. The mountain across the river is Quebec Province. The only bridge across is the railroad bridge you see in the background. It doesn’t matter as there are no roads in this part of Quebec anyway.
2011-7-1 mattawa looking toward quebec canada (1) (800x532)
We’re doing ok with passing the time. We’re just doing odds and ends and watching people. I’m working on photos (from the last park), string art and Angry Birds to pass the time. Jim reads his Kindle and is learning a couple of photo processing programs so see which one he likes (and is easy enough for him to learn). It’s times like this that it would be good to be the “outdoors” types. But we just aren’t. We like our walks and sightseeing, but give us our recliners, internet, and satellite and we’re the happiest. :)
You have to be careful walking around the park. There are tree roots everywhere, and they’re real toe stubbers.
IMG_2129 (800x600)
Now look again. This little chipmunk went right in front of me while taking the picture. I had to really look at to be sure I had him. That was a surprise to see I got it. His home is on the other side of the RV so he went past me to get it.
2011-7-1 chipmuck sid turcotte park mattawa ontario
We’re going to North Bay tomorrow. We have nothing special planned, but we may take in a move while we’re there. We want to see “Cars 2.”


squawmama said...

I see him... so cute! We had trouble with satrllite when we were in Canada & the mountains! Good thing you have dvd's & recordings.
Have fun...

Sandra said...

Are you going to take photos of the RV park or is it not worthwhile?

Glad you enjoyed your dinner!

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Dee, what a stunning picture of the Falls!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Bugger that your campground isn't so good, but hey, it's only a few days and then on the road again! Look for some nice folks to meet and greet and make it all better!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

I wondered when you were going to change your picture to one of Canada! That one is great.

At least you have 'Bench WiFi', better than nothing. We spend too much time on our computers, anyway.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX