Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mattawa, Ontario – No Communication

(Mattawa, Ontario, Canada) Perfect weather – Neither one of us slept well last night, so we both got up earlier than normal.  We went back to the Roosteraunt for a big breakfast before we did our hitch up routine. This time I got a few pictures. (Click photos to enlarge)
Like I said yesterday, they have a LOT of roosters! :) 
We left Smiths Falls at 9:35 and made it to Mattawa by 1:45. Not a bad trip. We didn’t know what to expect with the road conditions, but they were great.  There were a few bumpy places but it wasn’t bad at all.  The traffic was light so that wasn’t a problem.  We took Hwy 15 to 7, then 417 bypassing Ottawa, then picked up Hwy 17 (the Trans-Canadian Highway). The scenery was beautiful.
I’m falling in love with Ontario, but Jim says wait till January.  Guess I should say I love Ontario in the summer.  Here’s a few shots I took along the way.
I have no idea what this field is, but it sure was a pretty bright yellow. 
2011-6-30 travel to Mattawa from Smiths Falls Ontario (6) (800x305)
The trees are so different. A lot of pines that we’ve never seen. There were signs to watch for moose and deer, but we didn’t see any.
2011-6-30 travel to Mattawa from Smiths Falls Ontario (26) (800x600)
There’s lakes and rivers that are scattered all around, and they’re a deep color of blue.
2011-6-30 travel to Mattawa from Smiths Falls Ontario (19) (800x600)
Lots of Stone walls between the tree lines once we got further West.
2011-6-30 travel to Mattawa from Smiths Falls Ontario (27) (800x600)
My view of Tumbleweed with.trees on both sides
2011-6-30 travel to Mattawa from Smiths Falls Ontario (32) (800x600)
Or coming over the top of a hill to a lake.
2011-6-30 travel to Mattawa from Smiths Falls Ontario (34) (800x600)
One of the things we’ve noticed is a lot of signs that have pictures and no words. This one warns of a bumpy road.
2011-6-30 travel to Mattawa from Smiths Falls Ontario bmp sign (630x800)
As you’re going down the road, these are common. First it’s in English then it’s in French. Canada’s budget for highway signs must be double that of the U.S. :)
2011-6-30 travel to Mattawa from Smiths Falls Ontario signs (419x301)
2011-6-30 travel to Mattawa from Smiths Falls Ontario (48) (752x800)
And sometime you pass one sign, and it’s in French. I hope it wasn’t too important.
2011-6-30 travel to Mattawa from Smiths Falls Ontario (40) (415x744)
The main road through Mattawa is under construction but we found the RV park ok. It’s NOT our type of park, but it’s Canada Day tomorrow (Canada’s Independence Day) and very few parks have openings.  We are settled in under trees that have already started dropping nuts on top of us.  We have no satellite and no wi-fi, except at the office, so it’s going to be a long four days. I’ll go to the office with my laptop a couple of times each day to get the blog out and read emails.  We have a lot of TV shows recorded on our DVR so our evenings will be fine.
2011-6-30 sid turcotte park ontario canada (3) (800x600)
2011-6-30 sid turcotte park ontario canada (2) (800x600)
These little things are in the sand/dirt outside the door. They stick to your shoes and you really have to wipe your feet to keep from dragging them in.  They’re like some kind of pine cones, only soft and very little.  Lots to learn about the environment here in the far North.
2011-6-30 sid turcotte park ontario canada (7) (800x600)
This will be our very first time cut off from the world while in our home.  But we knew it would happen sooner or later, and it’s part of the lifestyle. We’ll be back on the road Monday. In the meantime we’re going sightseeing the next few days. 


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Hope you two aren't going through too much withdrawal :) By the time you get used to it, you'll be back in the states.
We've been without TV several times lately. It's how we ended up being huge Redbox fans! :)

Sandra said...

Too bad about not having internet or TV access. Have fun visiting North Bay!

Gordon said...

Glad you make it okay. Sorry about the limited wi-fi. Must be really bad if even the ethernet bridge doesn't connect.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

We have those little things here, too. They drop off the pine trees.
See pictures at the end of my blog about them:

Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your travels.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

GGuncle said...

your sign alone in french reads:
YIELD center lane to opposing traffic. it looks like the sign in the picture with two signs,one behind the other. Ellen is driving her car again,She seems to be doing ok,as long as she doesnt have to do any heavy lifting with her left arm. dom...

Anonymous said...

Those fields of yellow my be canola.

Jim and Linda

Gypsy said...

It's ironic that in Toronto and Vermont, NY, etc., the signs are in both English and French. You are out of luck with signs in Quebec though, which are ONLY in French.

Mike and Terri said...

Love the name of the "Roosteraunt." That's really cute!

We've had our moments without internet. Talk about serious withdrawal! What did we ever do before the internet???

squawmama said...

We get so use to our conveniences that without them we have withdrawals... At least I do (◕‿◕。)
Have fun

rick said...

That French sign actually reads "get your eyes on the road and stop taking pictures while you drive". Kinda important.