Saturday, July 2, 2011

North Bay, Ontario

(Mattawa, Ontario, Canada) Hi 80 Lo 59 --  It’s very quiet when we get up, with no TV or internet or radio, so Jim will put on his iPod for some music. We didn’t linger around long this morning. We went to the office to get some blogs and emails read then headed out 40 miles west on Hwy 17 to North Bay (pop. 52,000). On the way there we saw this road. I wonder what it’s like to go up there during the winter?
  IMG_2143 (761x800)
It was nice to get back to a decent size city. We stopped at the North Bay Mall. It’s quite interesting, There are stores that we’ve never heard of. One is called Future Shop. It’s like our Best Buy, and we browsed around there for quite awhile. The prices are higher, but it was fun checking out all the new gadgets and electronics (that we can no longer afford to buy).
A while back Sandra introduced us to The Bulk Barn, where you can buy all kinds of candy, nuts, and spices in bulk. We found another Bulk Barn in the mall. This time I decided to go all out and got lots of nuts and goodies.  Jim even got a couple things.
IMG_2146 (600x800)
Some of the aisles… This is different kinds of molasses and stuff.
IMG_2147 (800x600)
This section is teas.
IMG_2148 (800x600)
Soups, flours, candy, nuts, dried fruits, you name it.
IMG_2149 (800x600)
We saw a bunch of stuffed Angry Birds. People with Smart Phones and iPads will know what this is all about.
IMG_2144 (800x600)
We went to Walmart and there was so many people we had to wait for a cart. They were closed yesterday for Canada Day.  It was very busy.
North Bay is on the north shore of Lake Nipissing. (Not sure how you pronounce that, but it doesn’t sound nice when you say it.)  It’s really nice. It was windy today so the water was a little choppy. It looks like you can walk out quite a distance.
DSC_4143 (800x532)
DSC_4145 (800x532)
This sign was quite interesting. (Click on the photo to enlarge it.) We’ve never heard of swimmer’s itch.
DSC_4147 (800x532)\
We stopped for gas and had a heart attack. Gas is HIGH. This is per litre…multiply by 3.9 and you have the gallon price. This is over $5.00 a gallon… it cost $45.00 to fill up my little Toyota.  Whew!
IMG_2158 (800x600)
We stopped at Tim Horton’s for some breakfast donuts and headed home.
I don’t think we’ll do much tomorrow so I’ll post some more information about the park, including some more pictures.  It was a great day out and nice to return to civilization for a while. :)


Sandra said...

Nipissing is pronounced n IH p ih s ih ng. It means at the little water or lake.

Yes, gas is very expensive here in Eastern Ontario but much worse in the north. It won't get any better until you cross the border, I expect.

SunshinecruiserTN said...

The bulk place looked fun and it looked like Jim got a few more than a couple of things. LOL

Gordon said...

A US gallon equals 3.785411784 liters, normally rounded off to 3.8 not 3.9, so a liter at CAD$1.306 is CAD$4.94/US gallon. However, the current exchange rate has the Canadian dollar worth more than the US dollar at a rate of 1.0370, which means CAD$4.94 exchanges to US$5.13, so bottom line is you're right that fuel is costing you more than USD$5/gallon. Of course, things are more expensive out in the boonies.