Sunday, July 3, 2011

All about Sid Turcotte RV Park

(Mattawa, Ontario, Canada) Hi 81  Lo  57    --   After posting last night we went to dinner and I tried Poutine. It’s fries with brown gravy and cheese curd (which is cheddar cheese in curd form instead of sliced).  Very good. It’s something I won’t eat a lot of because it’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

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When we got back, we struck up a conversation with a neighbor. We had talked to him on Friday about getting a satellite signal. He had some problems with his dish (he has a Canadian satellite service, but today he finally got it to work. We noticed he had a Dale Earnhardt Jr. decal on his truck so we discussed that night’s NASCAR race. He invited us over to watch it with him, and it took us about half a second to accept. We had a great time, and we had some good conversation during the race. He and his wife are from the Toronto area and we learned a lot about living in Canada.  What a great couple!

Sid Turcotte Park is a family-oriented park that’s perfect for outdoor people. Neither of us particularly like the outdoors because, after all bugs and critters live there. :)  We’ve been called “cement people” because we like our concrete padded sites with no trees. But this park would be heaven to many of our RV’ing friends and we suggest it to those of you who enjoy trees and the great outdoors. It’s set up more for seasonal campers than transients, but they keep quite a few sites available for nightly campers.  I took a few more photos today.

IMG_2136 (800x600)

Our RV is in the far back just right of center.

IMG_2135 (800x600)

IMG_2134 (800x600)

Roads are paved but rough.

IMG_2132 (800x600)

Nice cabins


One of the two swimming areas.

2011-7-1 sid turcotte rv park mattawa ontario canada (8) (800x532)

The river is very pretty and very active on weekends with boats of all types, people on tubes, floats of all various types and even a ski plane docked at a house across the river.

IMG_2178 (800x600)

An open area with a fire pit in the middle for groups to have a campfire. Lots of campfires are going every night.

IMG_2176 (800x600)

Drive through to the back of the campground.

IMG_2172 (800x600)

Looks like snow, but it’s the fuzzy seeds from the poplar trees. The float through the air and settle on the ground. It’s everywhere.

IMG_2165 (800x600)

This little decoration is made with beer bottle caps. It’s so neat looking.

2011-7-1 sid turcotte rv park mattawa ontario canada (14)

We learned a lot about the park from the owners. They’re a married couple and they man the office from 8am to 9pm everyday, and 10pm on weekends. The Mattawa river, which runs by the park, goes into the Ottawa river. The Mattawa river is about 40 feet deep and the Ottawa is close to 400 feet in the middle. It used to be a logging river. It’s very interesting reading about the past history. 

Mattawa has lots to do, including two swimming beaches. There’s boating, canoeing, kayaking, lots of ATV’s and hundreds of miles of hiking trails.  Click here for background of Mattawa

We went to fuel up the  truck today and got quite a surprise. They have a person to pump the fuel for you like the good ‘ole days. We’ve noticed customer service is outstanding all over Ontario. It’s been great having questions answered and getting information about other locations that may have what we’re looking for. We love it here for that reason, but we couldn’t imagine being here in the winter. On that note, we’ll be moving further West tomorrow to Sudbury. Maybe we’ll have satellite and wi-fi. We’ll let you know tomorrow.


Sandra said...

I read on RV Park Reviews that the wifi at Carol's isn't free.

Safe travels tomorrow!

Leno said...

Looks like a nice park, what a shame you can't get satellite.. You know how we feel about that!
In Oregon, they pump the gas for you, it is a state law. After 2+ months, we will probably forget to go out and pump our own.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Yup... that is more our style of RV camping--- LOL no cement camping for us! Who needs TV when you got a campfire to watch?

Karen and Steve

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squawmama said...

Glad you posted about Sids... Even though we do like the wilderness we also like our TV so to many trees maybe????
Have fun & Travel safe