Monday, July 25, 2011

Relaxing for the Day

(Wisconsin Dells, WI)  Hi 85 Lo 65 --  I finally got to sleep late this morning. It was nice to get caught up and rested.

We both chilled out this morning. I got over 400 pictures a little more organized.  I also updated the "Highlights in 2011" link at the right of this blog.  After yesterday's House on the Rock, and Niagara Falls a few weeks ago, it will be hard to beat what we've done so far.

I played the Facebook game Gardens of Time. It's been a while since I've played it. I also played Words with Friends and Angry Birds on my Droid.  Jim did the laundry today and prepared the outside stuff for our departure tomorrow. I  finally got a much needed haircut. It's always funny when I tell the stylist that I want a one inch cut all over. They just look at me like I've said something that's totally out of the question.  I've only had one person so far on our trips that refused.  It's sure comfortable and cool during the summer months.

I came back from the haircut and noticed several people in the park pavilion.  I found out it's the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) Full Timers Rally, which is going on till Wednesday.  I went over to ask about it and found out we can join the FMCA.  They're branching out to include towables. We talked for several minutes about what the organization is all about and what they do for fun. There's been a lot of activity the last couple days here, now I know why.

One thing happened yesterday on our way to the House on the Rock. We were listening to the car radio and the Beatles song "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" was playing. Jim said it wasn't the Beatles singing it, and I thought it was. We went back and forth about it for a few minutes. (I can't believe I got into an argument with Jim about the Beatles... he's like the biggest Beatles fan in history!) Well, Jim pulled out his Droid and brought up an app called "Soundhound" and pointed it at the radio speaker. Within about 15 seconds it came back with the song title, artist (Jim won the argument, it was Elton John), the album it's from, and links to the lyrics and to download it. It's really a neat app, and available for free at the Android Market. Just thought I'd mention it.

Tomorrow we're on the move again, this time to Minnesota to see some dear friends from our military days.


Jim and Sandie said...

I just downloaded that app. Sounds like a really fun one to have. Thanks. It's really fun to take some time and just relax.

Minnesota Road Runners said...

I hope you will enjoy our land of 10,000 lakes. Hopefully you'll be able to avoid the metro area, especially at rush hour times.

Vera said...

Have a great trip. You sure see a lot of interesting places. I envy you!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

You guyz are soooo funny!

(glad you got your haircut too)

Karen and Steve
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