Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogs - Chats - Caulking and Cleaning - Visit with Friends

(Richmond, VA) Hi 81 Lo 60 - One of my friends on Yahoo Messenger told me about Bob and Linda's blog, where tell about having to move from a park in Kentucky because the Mississippi River was rising. It's very interesting, starting with May 1, 2011 in their archives. Now I have another blog to follow. :)

Today I got caught up on all the daily blogs and a lot of those I haven't read in the last month. There's so many on the move and it's neat to find out where they are and where they're going next. We'll be home all day tomorrow, so should have them all caught up this weekend.  Safe travels for all those on the move.

It was humid today but not real hot so we both did some outside work on the RV. A seam on the inside of one of our slides has a section of caulking that has deteriorated. The partially used tube of sealant we had was dried up, so Jim went to a nearby RV dealer to get another tube. In the meantime I was trying to force the old tube and broke the caulking gun.  When Jim came back we called Mike and he brought over his caulking gun for us to use. Thanks Mike!

The dark area is where the missing sealant was.

Jim asked me to do the caulking because he admits he's terrible at it. (Or is he just saying that? Hmmm)

While I was doing that, Jim went up on the roof to do his monthly inspection. He also replaced a cracked bracket on the ladder attached to the rear of the RV. This is the second time one of the brackets cracked. It's the black plastic brackets that screw into each end of the ladder rungs. The ladder is made of aluminum, but the rungs are attached to the rails with plastic. Go figure! He bought some extra brackets at the RV dealer yesterday since it looks like an ongoing issue. (I know what you're thinking... but the ladder is supposed to support 350 lbs, and Jim isn't THAT heavy.) When that was all done Jim put all the supplies away and we had some lunch. Then I decided before it got too hot, and not sure if it would rain again, to clean out the interior of my car. It was a mess with sand still in it from Florida. The outside is dirty but the inside looks great.  I'd like to wash the outside, but it's not allowed in this park.

The rest of the afternoon Jim switched back and forth between the Indianapolis 500 time trials and a St. Louis Cardinals game while I read and played games on Facebook, until Mike and Terri came over to take us to meet up with Paul and Marti in Fredericksburg for dinner.  We met them last September when we came through the area.

Marti and Paul

Dinner was at Carrabba's Italian Restaurant. 

We had a wonderful dinner and sat and talked quite a while. Then we decided to have dessert next door at Krispy Creme. 

Decisions, decisions. 

So many choices.

Paul and Marti.

Terri, Mike, Paul and Marti.   

We visited for another hour or so then called it a night. We made it back home about 10:30 and watched part of the Sprint All Star race, which we recorded. We'll finish it up tomorrow. It was a great time getting together with our friends.


Gin and Syl said...

KKD!! A sinful NC original!
RV buddies are so fun to be around. I'm sure Paul and Marti are just itching to hit the road, and y'all just made that itch stronger. Safe travels.

squawmama said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me... friends & good food. Love Krispy Kreme hot out of the baker...YUM!!!
Have f un & Travel safe

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Keep eating those Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Jim may have to stay off that ladder..

A great time we had with you, but as usual, time went too fast. We'll catch up with you again. :c)

Levonne said...

Sounds like great fun you guys had! Where are the krispy cremes?