Monday, May 23, 2011

Another (Unexpected) Day In Richmond

(Richmond, VA) Hi 86 Lo 68 - I got up a little earlier than I normally do, thinking we'd be headed out today for Richmond to visit the Hollywood Cemetery. But when we looked at the local radar it looked like a large rainstorm was on the way. Along with the cemetery visit we were planning to also do some geocaching. So with the whole day planned outside we called Terri and Mike to get their thoughts. We all decided to stay close to the park and not venture out.

So the day was again spent doing our regular inside stuff. Thank goodness for games to keep me occupied.  We did walk around the park. We met and talked to a guy with a very nice 2002 Royals International fifth wheel.

The Royals is a very high end (and heavy) brand of fiver made by Carriage, the same company that made our Cameo. (New ones cost nearly $200,000!) We enjoy meeting owners of Carriage products older than ours to see how they like them and how they've held up over the years. This gentleman isn't a full-timer, but he's done extensive traveling, and he gave a very good report on the quality of his rig. He's here because his truck broke down and had to be towed.  It was a nice conversation with him.

We're definitely getting out tomorrow. Three days of inactivity is enough. Follow along to see what we end up doing.


GGuncle said...

i dont have much to say, but i love reading this blog of yours. & following your travels. its true -you do meet some of the nicest people geocaching. i have 15 of my own for you to do when you come up here. stay safe dom..

Shirley said...

I would love to know more about geocaching. What type of gps do you have, and where do you get information. Love reading your blog.

squawmama said...

Yes I agree... share the know hows of Geocaching... It would be a GREAT post!!! Hope the weather gets better for you...
Have fun & Travel Safe