Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flea Market – Lazy Days

(Wauchula, FL) -  We got up early so we’d have a whole day to play.  A neighbor told us about International Market World in Auburndale, about 40 miles north of us.  We headed out around 9am.  We pulled into the parking lot around 10 and our first reaction was, "This isn't that big."  But we were just looking at the outdoor portion.  What we didn't see until we got in there were all the buildings with indoor booths.  It was huge!  It appeared to be even bigger than the one we went to in Shipshewana, Indiana.  The longer we stayed the more crowded it got.  There were some really neat clothes all designed for Florida living, with bright colors and local college logos.  (Click on the pictures to make larger).
IMG_7106 (Small)
IMG_7107 (Small)
IMG_7108 (Small)
This caught my eye.  Absolutely gorgeous wedding and baby shower decorations. The lady was making them as we watched, out of ribbon and champagne glasses.  It was very intricate work.
IMG_7109 (Small)
A decorated chair.
IMG_7110 (Small)
Of course every flea market has "neon" bras.
IMG_7111 (Small).
We walked around thinking we saw everything, but when we left we noticed we missed a whole building.  They even have circus acts in a small amphitheater on weekends.  And later today they were having a classic car show.  But we didn't hang around for that.  We had fun and got some good exercise.

We then headed west toward Tampa  to Lazy Days, the biggest RV dealer in the nation.  They have a Camping World there and we needed a couple items.  The main item Jim got was a 50-amp extension cord.  Twice so far we've needed an extension cord to reach the pedestal.  We've been lucky to have neighbors help us out, but now we have our own.  Jim also got a Flush Master back flusher.  We have a built-in back flusher for our black tank, but now he can also clean out the gray tank.  I wanted a little table for between our chairs outside.  We also got a few more little items.  This camping world was huge!  If they didn’t have it, it’s not made.
IMG_7112 (Small)
While we were at Lazy Days we checked out the new 2011 Carriage fifth wheels.  The sales lot is so big (120 acres) that they shuttle customers around in golf carts.  They had a few Cameos, but didn't have our floor plan.  I like ours better than anything they had on the lot.  They had a Royals International, which was nice (OK, it was VERY nice!), but except for more bells and whistles it wasn't much different from ours.
We left there by mid afternoon for the two-hour trip home.  We put everything away and settled down to watch the NASCAR Nationwide race.  We’re both tired.
I visited with our neighbors and they said it’s going to be very busy around here the first week of December.  Most of the snowbirds show up after Thanksgiving.   Right now the park is getting ready to hold a wedding next weekend.  The owner's daughter is getting married and they're conducting the wedding ceremony outdoors and having the reception in the rec hall.  We’ll watch from our RV.

It was another great day in paradise.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Good for you, escaping Lazy Days with your money still in your pockets. That place can be very dangerous! ;c)

Gail Houle said...

Sounds like a fun day! An extension cord is something I never thought about. Were the sites where you needed one set up odd or did you choose to park on a more level area? This might be something I need to put on my list :)

Vera said...

You had a full and fun-filled day. Better be careful with the buying or you will end up with a trailer behind your car!!! ☺

Merikay said...

I like to go to the flea markets once in a while. i Don't
buy much, but it can be fun to look.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We were at that flea market last winter, what a huge place!

Thanks for the flashback.

GGuncle said...

When my dad was alive & living in FL. , he took us there too. in those days the circus was a good place for parents to leave their kids while the parents shopped.i remember they even had an animal act, live tigers, etc. i think i was in my middle twenties then. dom....

Margie and Roger said...

We've been to the Auburndale flea market twice already this year. I bought some wonderful peaches there. We've actually seen some fairly decent shows there. Still haven't seen all the outdoor animals. We saw buffalo there last year.

Margie and Roger said...

There is also an all-outdoor flea market on Wednesday's in Plant City. Lots of produce and more garage sale type items than Auburndale.