Saturday, October 2, 2010

On to Virginia

(Milford, VA) - We got up at our regular time and left York, PA at 10:00am.  It doesn't take us long anymore to get on the road.

My new Droid X has built in GPS, so I set it up and tried it out on the trip.  I gave Jim the Garmin GPS I've been using. The Droid navigation uses Google Maps so it's very easy to follow and you can zoom in closer for details.  I love my Droid!

It was a really pretty drive and we had no problems at all getting around Baltimore and Washington. There wasn't half the traffic I thought there would be. We've seen worse in the little towns we've gone through.

We found the park and the owner guided us to our site. It's wooded but not heavily. There's gravel roads and sites.  Water is good and pressure is strong.  We don't have a sewer hookup, but honey wagon service is available for free.  We have stable 30 amp service.  It's $30 a night, but we got a 15% Escapees discount.  We don't think the park is worth $30 a night, but campground prices are generally pretty high here in the east.  And since we only paid $24 a night, that doesn't seem too bad.  I took a few pictures after we got set up.

This is the picnic area.

The road to our right...

and to the left.
Our site.  We specifically asked for a site with open sky to the southwest, for our satellite.  We're finding out that most parks try their best to accommodate satellite dish owners.
We're going to meet up tomorrow morning for brunch with two RV-Dreams couples that we met at the Myrtle Beach rally in April.   Should be fun.

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KarenInTheWoods said...

ouch...$30 a night is a tad bit high for only electric and water. Glad you got your discount. Every little bit helps!

Steve and Karen
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