Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Catching Up with Friends

(Garner, NC) - We're having cool nights and warm days, but no clouds and great sunshine.  By the time we get up it's time to turn off the heat and open the windows till later in the afternoon, then time to reverse the process.  I love this time of year, just dread the winter that's not far behind.  We'll be in Florida this year though, I can't wait.

A friend we haven't seen in a few years, Michelle, came by today for a visit along with her boyfriend John.  They live in Raleigh, so it was a quick trip.  Michelle used to work with Jim years ago.  Thanks guys for coming to see us.  I love having people over.
I was going to walk, but got started on another PC project which took a couple of hours.  We left for Cary at 3:00 to get to mom's for dinner.  We had dinner with her last Thanksgiving and she did way too much work, so she did a great job in keeping things simple this time.  We had salmon patties, salad, mixed veggies, and deviled eggs.  And for dessert she made her famous graham cracker pudding.  My sister can make it a lot better than I can, so at least one of us can keep up the family tradition.  It's really good and made from scratch.

We got back home before dark and watched the NASCAR Nationwide race that Jim recorded earlier. We'll be gone during tomorrow's Sprint Cup race.  I didn't know it was a later race from California, and I made a dinner date for tomorrow night.  We'll record the race.

I hope everyone continues to follows along; we'll be on the road again soon.


Unknown said...

It was great chatting with you today. I lost my internet connection at the end. Hope to chat with you again soon. BTW, inspired by our chat, I published a short post on my blog today :)


Margie and Roger said...

The weather is still great in Florida. Come on down!

I'm about to stop watching Nascar since Kyle wins too often. I don't like him, but he is a good driver I guess. Looking forward to the Sprint race today - it's great to be able to record them and skip the commercials.