Friday, October 8, 2010

Having Fun with Friends

(Garner, NC) -  We both had dates with co-workers today. It's nice to meet up with people you used to work with and find out what changes there's been at the office.  I went by my old office and talked for a little while Mr. and Mrs. Boss about our life on the road.  Both are very interested in the parks, how much we're spending, how long we stay in one place, favorite places, and where we're going next.

I went to lunch with my friend and co-worker Anna and got caught up on her life. She's been to Spain and has moved a couple times since I left. It was great talking to her.  I'll go back next week to spend some more time with Mrs. Boss.  She was too busy to spend a lot of time with me today.

Jim went to lunch with his co-workers and got caught up on what's going on there. It feels so good to both of us to not be working anymore. Although we miss our friends, neither of us miss the work.

I stopped by mom's and we went walking around the building for our daily walk.  I took her with me to get some groceries then I headed home.   I put groceries away read a couple blogs then it was time to get back to Cary for our dinner with our friends.  When we lived here we went to dinner every Friday night with our small group of friends, and it was good to do that again.  Jeff and Bobbie, Gary and Cyndi, and Jerry are very special to us and it's great to be back with them if only for a short time.

It was a great day visiting with everyone.

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