Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! - Last Day in Paradise

pumpkin (Mayport, FL) - I hope everyone has a great halloween.  I used to go all out in decorating, but when the kids left home I lost interest. We haven’t had trick or treaters at our door in years. It’s too dangerous for most areas for the kids to go out anymore.

We didn’t do much today. I worked on the monthly budget.  We didn’t do so well since we ate out too much and had to get my car's 100,000 mile service.

There was very little traffic on the river again today, but lots of waves going over the jetty.  Ship of the day.
IMG_6994 (Small)

We watched the NASCAR race from Talladega and got the RV ready for our move tomorrow. I made a list of things we need to get done once we get to Wauchula.  There’s a recall on our Norcold refrigerator, even with the new cooling unit that we had replaced in Elkhart in June.  I also made preliminary travel plans for next year. We want to come back to this RV park on our way back to NC next spring, so we tried to make reservations.  Too early, we can’t do it till December.  We’ll have the exact dates down a little more by then.
I added some pictures of our area. This view is the right side window, where we can see ships coming in.
DSC_2582 (Small)

These are around the park.  That's our truck on the left.
IMG_6996 (Small)
IMG_6997 (Small)

IMG_6998 (Small)

There’s only two more months left of this year.  I’m always anxious to start a new year, with more people to meet, parks to visit and fun times ahead.

Another great week has gone by. It's time to move along, there’s a lot more to see in our wonderful country. Stay tuned, it could get quite interesting.
DSC_2593 (Small)

By the way, I’ve added a weather widget to the right for anyone that is in the cold snowy  north, so you know where to go to get warm. :)


Rick and Elaine NB said...

looks like you had another super fine travels tomorrow..and thanks for the widget :)...will keep an eye on that for sure...hugs...

mountainborn said...

Love watching the ships out in the channel !

Jessica Riker said...

haha - yeah thanks for the widget - will give me something to dream about this winter! :)

Vera said...

The pictures look interesting but had to see because they are too small. It would be nice to see them bigger. Hope your Norcold will hold out. We had one too and it never gave us any trouble for over 14 years.