Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big Surprise in the Morning – Fun in the Sun in the Afternoon

(Mayport, FL) – Jim went to the county tax office before I got up to have our RV title corrected.  When we checked the electronic title online, we discovered they had the brand name incorrect.  I got up an hour after he left, I went outside to have coffee with our neighbors, and got a great surprise.  A British submarine!  Everyone around took pictures of it, even the park maintenance workers were taking pictures with their cell phones.  What made it even more amazing was there were dolphins playing in front of it, like they were leading it into port.  This is the ship of the day.  (Actually, a submarine is called a "boat.")
DSC_2494 (Small)
Check out the men all over it as it heads into the port.
DSC_2496 (Small)
We went to lunch with our friends Al and Verniene.  Just outside the gate on the other side of the base is the Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant.  It's right on the St. Johns River.  The food was really good. I had combination shrimp and fish and Jim had shrimp and oysters. 
IMG_6924 (Small)
IMG_6925 (Small)
IMG_6935 (Small)
While we were there we wandered around the docks looking for manatee, but didn’t see any. Here’s some pictures of the area around the restaurant.  Jim had his eye on the big speedboat with the three motors. It has to be a man thing about speed. :)
IMG_6928 (Small)
There were three shrimp boats.  Jim’s family are commercial shrimpers, so he was remembering his younger days.
IMG_6929 (Small)
A pelican saw me taking pictures and decided to land on the pillar right in front of me.  What a great pose.
IMG_6934 (Small)
I was really surprised to get this close.

When we got back to the rig I decided to take a walk in the sun on the beach.  It’s quite a distance from one end of the base to the other, but I almost made it.  This is the distance looking north toward the jetty.
IMG_6943 (Small)
The pillars are at the other (south) end.  Maybe tomorrow I can make it there.
 IMG_6944 (Small)
We sat outside with our neighbors and enjoyed the evening breeze. It wasn't as hot or humid today as it was yesterday.  We realized we haven’t seen rain since we were in York, PA when tropical storm Nicole blew through. I hope everyone is safe in the Midwest storms.

FYI:  I found another function for the droid phone.  I found an application to use for grocery shopping. I can add things as I think about it without making a list at home. I can get groceries at any time without having to remember to bring my list.
Another day in paradise.


Leno said...

Very neat...Sounds like a great place.

Gypsy said...

Love the submarine pics.

Barb said...

Thanks for the reminder. I downloaded that shopping app and forgot all about it! I'll have to start using it.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

How did you know it was a British sub? Was it playing the music of "God Save the Queen" as it cruised on by? ;c)

Carol Kerr said...

Nice! Can't wait till December when I can get my Droid...

Merikay said...

How nice to always have your list available!

We keep a list on a whiteboard in the kitchen. Craig does most of the shopping and often calls to see what is on the board.

GGuncle said...

Hey Jim, tell Dee its not the speed thing as having enough power to get you out of the way if you have to..... yah,right... dom...