Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain from Tropical Storm Nicole

(York, PA) - Rain, rain and more rain with winds all night. We got almost 3" of rain overnight and through today.  We didn't bring in the slides during the night, but thought about it.  Jim found a tiny leak on the living room ceiling at the TV antenna crank handle.  He lowered the antenna and the leak stopped. He'll check it out when we see the sun again. All the rain is from a storm system from the west colliding with tropical storm Nicole from the south.  The whole U.S. east coast is getting record amounts of rainfall.  I guess so many people wanted rain in the East that they got it.

We were going to pull out tomorrow, but decided since there's so much rain we'd wait till Saturday to head south. There's a lot of flooded roads and downed trees up and down the coast. Another reason is, we need to go around Baltimore and DC so Saturday should be a less busy day than Friday; then again, it may not be, but with all the rains it just seems safer to wait an extra day.

These pictures were taken in the rain so they're dark.  This town is full of row houses, and it's interesting that they all look alike except for the colors.

If the rain leaves we're going to get several things done tomorrow so please stay tuned.

An update on my new Droid X.  A commenter asked about the "class" I'm going to at the local Verizon store.  I'm not sure exactly how it will be run, but I think it will be a Q&A format.  I'm going in prepared with several questions I haven't been able to figure out on my own.  It's great to see so many of you have one. I'm so happy I got it and having so much fun learning it.


Gypsy said...

If I were going around Baltimore & DC I would prefer early Sunday morning, but early Sat. might be ok. If you get too late a start you will be in for a lot of sitting in traffic. That is, unless miracles have happened and the gridlock in the DC metro area has been fixed.

Karen and Al said...

My Droid X is on order and should arrive Monday...can't wait. I found quite a few Droid Forum's on line but are way over my head since I don't even have one yet! Enjoy your new phone and learn all you can so you can explain :)


Margie and Roger said...

I moved away from PA when I was 12, but I remember those row houses. I always wondered why anyone would want to live that close to their neighbor and not have a front yard. To each their own I guess.

GGuncle said...

i guess i'm from the ol' school; i got an old motorola cell phone & have enough problems just making calls on it.
I hope jim's family is ok with all this rain. didn't you tell me they lived on the coast.? dom