Thursday, September 23, 2010

Checking out the Area – IT’S HILLY!

(Charleroi, PA) – I added a link on the right side that says Parks Where We've Stayed.  It's a list of where we have been. Click on the word Parks.  It's our way of documenting the parks we've stayed at.  There's been several people that have wondered where we've been and what we think of each park.

Moving to different states is so much fun. Sometimes I have trouble remembering where we are.  And it's interesting how our environment changes from park to park.  For instance at this park there’s no streetlights, so no light coming in our bathroom skylight.  Once we go to bed it's VERY DARK at night. 

We both did our normal routine of computer work (with the TV tuned to the morning news), and I read a couple of blogs.  Then we decided to head out in search of some new shoes for Jim.  He got some good recommendations from some RV friends about Merrell shoes, so he called a local Dicks Sporting Goods store and found out they have them.  The store was only a few miles away so we went there and Jim bought a pair.  I also needed gas so we had to go out anyway.  We drove around some of the area and it’s all hills.
Houses are on the hills.  There’s no flat areas at all around here, or none that we’ve seen.  I bet they use chains on their cars around here in the winter.
houses on hill
We walked around the park, (Pine Cove Beach and RV Resort), which is really small, only about 40 sites in two rows.  There’s a water park for the summer, but it's closed down for the season and quite dirty now.
IMG_6491 (Small)

Restrooms near the entrance of the park
IMG_6489 (Small)

One of two picnic shelters
picnic area

Bathhouse/storm shelter
IMG_6496 (Small)

This is the water park area as it would look in summer.  It’s all dirty now that it’s being closed for the winter months.

There just isn't much to do around here without driving to Pittsburgh, and we weren't in the mood for driving to a big city.  When we're in "traveling" mode we usually spend two nights per stop and use the one full day to rest up for the next leg of the trip.  We don't like to travel two days in a row.  So we chilled for the rest of the afternoon and evening, and tomorrow we'll be on the move again.


Unknown said...

Merrell's are great shoes, I really like mine. Next time you are in the market you might want to check out Ecco's, they are AWESOME.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Thanks for the campgroud tour! I bet that water park is a busy place in the summer!

Karen and Steve
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