Friday, August 13, 2010

A Whirlwind Day – Elkhart, Goshen, Warsaw

(Chesterton, IN) -  We started our whirlwind travel and visiting day a bit earlier than normal today.  We went to Elkhart Campground first. It’s going to be our home for a couple days prior to the Escapade Rally.  We like checking out our future campgrounds when we get the chance.  Elkhart Campground is very nice.  I forgot to get pictures but I’ll get them once we move there.  Our next stop was downtown Elkhart for the Midwest RV Super Show.  We figured it would be small but it was even smaller than we expected.  There were only a few fifth wheels that we would consider "full time" quality (a few Mobile Suites and Heartland Landmarks).  And not many Class A's at all.  We didn't see anything that made us want to give up our Tumbleweed.  It was HOT going through the RV’s so we didn’t stay long.  Here’s a couple pictures looking down on the downtown plaza where they packed in the RV’s.
IMG_5527 (Small)
IMG_5530 (Small)
We called Bob & Molly, a couple we met in 2008 at the RV-Dreams rally.  We've kept up with them ever since.  They were at the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds in Goshen, so we headed that way.  That's the campground we're headed to when we leave here so it was nice to get to check it out ahead of time.  Bob & Molly are in training to take over organization of the 2011 Escapade, so they've been very busy.  We got to see their new home on wheels, a beautiful Allegro Bus diesel pusher.  We spent some time talking about the rally and our travels.  They gave us a tour of the fairgrounds and showed us all the locations for the rally seminars and get togethers.  The Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds are the second biggest county fairgrounds in the nation (Orange County, CA is the biggest).
IMG_5532 (Small)
IMG_5533 (Small)
I’ll take a lot more pictures when we get there.

Yesterday we got a call from our NC friend Jeff, saying he was coming back to our area today on business.  We agreed to meet him for dinner in Warsaw (about a half hour from Goshen). It was great seeing Jeff again, and dinner was great!  (Ribs at Ruby Tuesday.)

Warsaw is where I was born and lived until 1968 when I left home. It was great seeing my old hometown again.  Along the way we passed several grain elevators. 
IMG_5537 (Small)
IMG_5543 (Small)
We got home around 9pm, and we're both bushed!  We had a grand time today meeting up with our friends.  Let's see what we can get into this weekend.


Happytrails said...

Don't know if you caught my blog post today or not but we have had a family situation to come up in Nashville so we won't be attending the Escapade. We were so looking forward to meeting you all but we'll have to catch you "somewhere down the road."
You guys have fun and we'll read about on your blogs.

Take care!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Mark and Dortha said...

See you guys real soon. Can't wait.

LindaSue said...

OK So it took me most of today, but now I am caught up with your blog. I linked to your blog last year when all was in the talking and looking stages. Got to say it, you sure have come a long way since then, and mostly just having a great time.

My internet linking has been pretty sporadic at times, but mostly just not there. So last week I went out and got an aircard and not I love it. Tried TMobile at first and it just kept dropping the signal. Took it back the next day ( hoping for no charges )and went across the street and got an Alltell air card. It has just been super. No up front charges. No charge for the air card, no start up charges. Nothing out of pocket. I have unlimited usage for around 56 dollars a month plus taxes. Didn't really want to add to my bills, but the internet is my touch with the outside world.

Getting back to you and hubby and the blog. Wanted to tell you that it is well done. No silliness, no boring stuff. Great pics and a lot of great info about the sites and campgrounds. Can't say I read every single word, but looked at each entry and read almost every one.

I am on SSN and hubby has to work so our Rving full time is in the future. Will need to go bigger cause our little 15 ft Aliner Cabin A3 won't do for the long haul. But it is great for the short term stuff, and that is why I got it.

I do have a blog but haven't posted in so long. Been quiet for awhile, but now that I am able to get online and back to reading RV blogs and my Quilting blogs I think I will get active again.

Keep up the blogging, I will continue to read it, and maybe someday will meet you on the road. Thanks