Sunday, August 1, 2010

Watching Campers - A New Month – Rating CG’s

(Fair Oaks, IN) -  Before breakfast we took a walk around the campground since there was so many campers.  There were several rigs that were really nice that we’ve never seen before. One had slides on both sides and the front and back extended.  It was really neat and looked like it would have lots of room inside.  It was only a 19’ trailer when condensed. There were several tents with large families camping together.  I talked to the park owners and they said it was one of the biggest tent camping weekends they’ve had here this year.  Nice weather, it got down to 61 last night. 

I worked on the budget for the month and we’re way over budget.  We’re still eating too much, both in eating out and groceries.  One of these months we’ll get it right.  We also have extra expenses for gas and tolls, but that was expected while living here in this area.

I also worked on a rating system for the parks we visit.  These ratings may change over time, but this is my idea so far.  Jim’s opinion might be a bit different.  (Not really, I agree with them - Jim)  It has to be at least a 5 to even get rated, or we’d be moving to a Walmart parking lot. :)

#5 – No hookups, one step above Walmart
#6 – Water and electric hookups, helpful park owners, level parking, able to receive satellite, nice bath house
#7 – All of the above plus sewer hookup, gravel pads, decent gravel roads in park, laundry, wi-fi
#8 – All of the above plus asphalt or concrete pads, paved roads in park, close shopping, good views
#9 - All of the above plus social activities,  water or mountain views, or other special scenery
#10 –All of the above plus that special "IT" factor that can't be explained, but you know it when you see it.

So far our parks have been mostly in the 7 and 8 catetory, and the the best overall with the “IT” factor was Mayport Naval Base in Jacksonville, FL.

We watched the NASCAR race all afternoon from Pocono, PA.  I also read blogs and the Indiana travel guide to see what to do in this area.  We don’t want to leave and miss something.  It’s good to have another month go by.  Time has been passing very slowly this year for some reason.  We’re close to seven months full time and loving it.

In a previous blog I was asking for advice about Street Atlas and Streets & Trips mapping software.  Our son advised us to just wait and get the Droid smart phone which, will do about anything we need as far as phone, internet, mapping, and GPS. 

Another great day of this wonderful lifestyle we call retirement. 


Gypsy said...

You really settled into the lifestyle very quickly. I'm happy for you and hope you continue to enjoy it.

Kathy said...

You are so right about cutting the food budget...for two reasons! Guess we'll pull the belt a little tighter and keep the pocketbook closed!
Is there a place that I can go to see all the parks you have rated so far?
Blessings, Kathy

Margie M. said...

Your campground rating system is a great one. Food budgets are sure on the rise. Groceries are soooo expensive these days if you want good and healthy food. Have a great week.