Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nice Cooler Weather - Two Movies

(Fair Oaks, IN) - It rained most of the night, but no storms.  It stayed real cool all day with very little humidity. Now we're talking!

We started out early for Homewood to see our son Rick and daughter-in-law Laura.  They went with us to see the movie "Inception." It was very good.  Not your normal summertime "popcorn" movie, but a movie that made you pay attention and think.  Very entertaining.

After the movie we relaxed for awhile and then went out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  Later in the evening we all watched a movie on DVD called "It's Complicated."  It's a romantic comedy for "oldies" like us, and we really enjoyed it.  By then it was getting pretty late so we left for home.  It started getting very foggy on the way home so we're glad we didn't wait any later.  We got in around 10:30.

Tomorrow will be a laid back day of relaxing and watching the NASCAR race on TV.


John and Carol said...

We also saw Inception. It was a very unusual movie. There certainly were some great special effects. I"m not sure I followed many of the concepts. But, it certainly was entertaining.

Kathy said...

A laid back day of relaxing sounds wonderful. Enjoy the race!