Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Tooth - Meeting Up with Son

 (Fair Oaks, IN)  We had several pieces of mail in our mail service box ( and one of them we needed for them to open.  They opened and then scanned and emailed it to us.  It's a great service and if you need something fast they do it right away. We got it in minutes, no delays.   There's so many companies that say they'll send something but never do and you have to keep asking or calling to get the info.  If you're thinking of a mail service based in Florida, MyRVmail is a good one.

We left early afternoon to go to the movies.  We hit some slow traffic on I-65 but made it on time.  We saw Knight and Day, a spy thriller starring Tom Cruise.  The movie is really good, and I can watch Tom Cruise forever. He was great in this movie.

When we left the movie we went to Albanese Candy Factory.  They specialize in "The world's best gummies."  They offer a self-guided tour of the factory that includes videos that detail how they make their gummies and chocolates.  They're very generous with their samples.  You can basically sample anything in the store just by asking.  We were hoping to avoid spending too much, which is very hard to do.  There's chocolates, chocolate covered fruits, pretzels, caramels.  There's hard candies, gummie bears, sticks of candy - you name it they have it.  This is what we bought:

It includes dark chocolate covered pecans and cashews, dark chocolate amaretto covered pecans, candied butter toffee nuts, and chocolate cashew caramel patties.  It's about 4 pounds of candy!  Terrible, isn't it?  But, oh my it's so good!  (Mom, I wish we could share this with you. - Jim)

We went to meet our son at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  We're going to pick up grand son Jack at his daycare center tomorrow, so Rick transferred his car seat to our car.  On the way to meet him we had a little bit of time so we went into a Verizon store to check out the DroidX.  I had a lot of trouble typing on the "virtual" keyboard.  I'd rather have  a real keyboard like I have now. I guess it's all in getting use to it.  I sure like the thought of being online anywhere I go.  We have to wait till November before my phone is eligible for an upgrade. 

We got home just about dark.  We want to check tonight for the northern lights since we're having some sightings just a little north of us. It's been raining the past couple of days so we haven't been out yet to see if we can see them.  We'll report tomorrow if we were successful.


Jessica Riker said...

That candy sure looks yummy! Glad it's not here, or I'd be eating it!! :) I am also waiting to upgrade - I am going to get a blackberry, but I can't upgrade until October.

Tom and Marci said...

We love the Albanese Candy Factory -- it's one of the boys' favorite places to go!


JB said...

The new Blackberry might just fit your bill, touch screen like the Iphone and a slide out keyboard. Release date is sometime like November also. And a good old fashioned Canadian Travel Safe