Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blogs to Read - Caches to Find - Reservations Made

Another storm came thru this morning, but at a more decent hour, 7:00am.  Itt wasn't as noisy as yesterday's, but there was still a lot of thunder and lightning. 

This was another down day and didn't do much.  I read a lot of blogs and Jim called the Wright Patterson AFB, OH Famcamp for our next stop after the rally in September.  We're staying there four nights before going to PA for a few days.  We'll be on the move more after next week.  When we get to Florida it will be a six month stay, but we'll be all over Florida visiting or seeing things, plus meeting a lot of snow birds.

I looked up several geocaches in the Indiana Dunes area where we're moving to next week.  There's several to find, so hopefully we can do that during the two weeks that we'll be there.

Not much to report today, but we have a busy next few days including moving on Monday.  Let's hope there's no rain.  Our temps have been lower than south of us.  Today was 80 with humidity of 78% making it 88 heat index.  There's been 115 heat index in St. Louis.  We moved from there at a good time, weather-wise.


Kathy said...

Enjoy Florida! My daughter invited me to Tampa to "cool off" from the extreme heat in the midwest! Ironic huh!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Were glad you are getting better weather temperature wise than here in MO. You guys did leave at the right time. Not getting much outside work done other than in the morning hours, but by 10am the temparature is usually above 95.Have fun at Wright- Patt Jim will love the planes since he's an old Air Force guy. Let us know where you are going in Pa. That's Sam's home state. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Glad things are cooling down now for you guys a little bit. Our humidity dropped today in Wisconsin.

Looking forward to your 6 months in Florida posts. Hope you find lots of neato stuff to keep us entertained while the snows fall around us.

Karen and Steve
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Rod Ivers said...

Enjoy the AirForce Museum when you get to Wright Patterson. You can spend a lot of time in there if you read all the info boards and see all the exhibits.
We have been there many times, as we go when we are there for Hamvention in May.

Speedy said...

We have been having rain here in Louisiana...sure cooled things off.