Sunday, August 29, 2010

Refrigerator Trouble – Social Hour

(Goshen, IN) - We started the day with a problem with our refrigerator.  It hasn't been cooling as well as it should for a few days, and all of a sudden it's much worse.  We checked the temps with a thermometer.  The freezer is barely below freezing and the refrigerator is in the mid-50's. Not good.  Jim checked the outside part of the unit, behind a vent on the side of the rig.  The cooling unit is very hot to the touch, much hotter than normal.  A neighbor is a retired RV tech and he thinks we have a blockage somewhere in the cooling unit.  If that's the case, it'll have to be replaced.  Another neighbor thought it might be a bad thermistor.  That's a small sensor inside the fridge that acts as a thermostat.  He even had a spare that he gave us.  Jim switched it out and it didn't make a difference.  Jim will get on the phone tomorrow to call Norcold (that's the brand... some people call it "Never Cold"... we can see why).  It would be nice if they sent someone out to us to check it out and make the repairs, but something tells me we'll be hitching up and towing to a shop.  At least we're in a good location for this kind of problem.  The Elkhart area is like the world headquarters of anything to do with RVs.

At 3:30 we left for Elkhart for "happy hour" with the group we've been socializing with.  They're all there for the Gypsy Journal Rally, which starts tomorrow.  When that rally is over they'll all be coming down here to Goshen for the Escapees Escapade rally.  We'll be joining them because we have to leave this park prior to the Escapade and we'll be spending 3 days up at Elkhart with the gang. We had finger foods for dinner tonight.  I made taco fingers, which were a hit with everyone.  It was so neat, the variety of foods that everyone brought, including grilled shrimp, buffalo wings, beef kabobs, and many other great treats.  This is the only picture I remembered to take.
IMG_5928 (Small)
There was 20 people tonight.  It was low key and very warm, no jokes or cutting up. Just lots of good conversations.
IMG_5931 (Small)
IMG_5932 (Small)
IMG_5933 (Small)
We won't have any milk or eggs tomorrow morning, so on the way back to Goshen we picked up some doughnuts for breakfast.

Bob and Molly are in Goshen with us but couldn’t make it to the social, so when we got home we called to see if they had room in their freezer for some of our meat.   They did have room and they also had access to another freezer here at the fairgrounds, so we turned our refrigerator off for the night for safety.  Tomorrow should be interesting.

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