Thursday, August 26, 2010

Down Memory Lane in Warsaw, IN

(Goshen, IN) -  It was 48 degrees this morning when we got up... 48 degrees!  This is August!  Jim turned on the fireplace for a little while to get it warmed up a bit. It did warm up to 78 by the afternoon.

This was a day to see my old home town and visit childhood friends.  We left at 9am to start our day in the Warsaw, In area.   I was raised in Clunette, just north of Warsaw.  I left home in 1968 and had places I wanted to see again. 

The first stop was at Clunette.
DSC_2125 (Small)
This is the house I lived in most of my life.  It was pink when we lived there.
DSC_2129 (Small)
From there we went to visit a friend of my mom’s. We saw her last year, but we were so close we couldn’t just go by without saying hi. We then went by my first school in Atwood, where I attended first through eighth grades before transferring to Warsaw High.
DSC_2180 (Small)
It's now an elementary school, and also has classes for Sunday School.
DSC_2172 (Small)
This is the Kosciusko County courthouse in Warsaw.
DSC_2185 (Small)
This is the Kosciusko County Historical Museum.
DSC_2183 (Small)
It used to be the county jail.  The Sheriff and his family lived on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and Mrs Sheriff cooked meals for the jail inmates.   During our downsizing I sent many of my school books and pictures, and anything historical from our family to the museum for safe keeping. 

We spent a couple of hours visiting with my friend Becky and her husband Frank.  Becky and I were school mates and also went to church together.  Then we met at Center Lake with another schoolmate, Ernestine, and her daughter Theresa.  Center Lake is one of three spring-fed lakes in Warsaw, along with Pike Lake and Winona Lake. We used to go swimming in all three during my years at home.

Center Lake
DSC_2194 (Small)
Pretty flowers by the pavillon
DSC_2206 (Small)
Pike Lake has an RV park, so we stopped and got some information about it.  It's open from April 15 to October 1 each year and costs $21.40 a night for full hookups.
Pike lake campground (Small)
Pike lake campground (5) (Small)
Winona Lake
DSC_2224 (Small)
We went by my high school, had some dinner, then drove back home. We had a great day visiting, and I really enjoyed my trip down memory lane.  Thank you to all that met up with us today. It was great seeing you and we’ll do it again when we get back in town. Tomorrow we have no idea what we’ll get into.


Gypsy said...

How wonderful to have a place such as the Museum to donate the historical stuff to. Most people are faced with trashing it or stashing it away somewhere never to be looked at again. It looks like a nice place to grow up.

KarenInTheWoods said...

What a nice trip down memory lane for you. So glad you get to go back and see it all again! Enjoying your blog too each day as you journey on.

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Kathy said...

I'm sure the memories flooded your mind and heart as you revisited these special places. I can hear the laughter as you shared stories of the past with your friends. Warm post and wonderful pics. :)K