Friday, August 27, 2010

Checking Classes for Ecapade - Happy Hour and Dinner with RV'ers

(Goshen, IN) -  My phone woke me up at 9:30.  There was no one on the line, and no message, so it must have been some subliminal alarm clock.  Anyway, I thought I'd better get up or sleep the day away, which doesn't sound bad from time to time.

We didn't have anything planned today, it's what we call a down time day.  Sometimes we just have to rest up from all this fun.  :)  I decided to get the Escapees Rally schedule out and recheck what classes I'd like to take.  It's still a couple weeks away, but I wanted to get an idea what would be neat to take. While I was on the Escapees site I read some of the posts in their forum to get familiar with more of the members' names.  We'll be meeting a lot of them during the rally.

I got a call to make a dessert for tonight's happy hour in Elkhart. I made some cookies, and just as I finished that new neighbors moved in next to us.  I saw them outside so I went over to introduce myself.  We've been discussing going to Canada next summer to see friends, and on the way home traveling through the Maritime Provinces. Our neighbors just got back from there and had lots of pictures to show us. They're not full timers, but they're on the road a lot and travel across the country every year.  They had so much information for us. It's neat that they appeared in our life just at the time we're thinking about going.  We'll get with them again before Monday when they leave for PA.

We headed to Elkhart for happy hour and dinner with the gang.  Here's Mac with his new golf cart.  Check out the pedals.

The group:

 Table of food.  Tonight was hot dogs and side items.
We had a great time of conversation, jokes, and all around merriment.  As the sun went down it started getting chilly and the bugs came out. So after goodbye hugs everyone broke up for the evening.  We returned to our home and rested the rest of the evening.  Another day of the good life!


Rod Ivers said...

Those cart pedals must have been designed by the corporate Lawyer!!! Can't get sued over these things you know!!!!

FD5, Retired said...

Sure wish we could be there. Heading out Monday for Colorado. Have fun, I know you will.

Stay Safe