Monday, July 19, 2010

Scouting Out Our Next Park

(Fair Oaks, IN) - We weren't in any hurry this morning but by 11:00 we were out the door.  Our plan was to check out our next park and the best way to get there. 

We headed to Indiana Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan.  It's an hour away and the roads are great.  The campground is awesome, but the sites have electric only.  There are water spigots in a couple of places around the park, but we've learned how to conserve water, and the bath house is nearby, so we should be fine the two weeks we'll be there.

History:  I grew up in Warsaw, Indiana and as a kid we went to the Indiana Dunes Lake Shore area a lot.  We loved that area and would sometimes spend all day running around the dunes and the beach.  If it got too late we'd stay in  a motel and go home the next day.  It was so much fun!

The campground has a couple of walking trails to the beach so we'll probably spend a lot of time there.  The beach has changed from when I was a kid, with a huge building with a food stand and a little gift shop. I'll be sure to post lots of pictures after we get there on August 9th.

We sat on a bench by the lake and soaked up some sun.  You can see the Chicago skyline from the beach, about 32 miles away.  I can't wait to see that at night!  We left for home and stopped at Popeye's Chicken for lunch, and got a couple of things at the grocery store.  The park owners had told us about a fruit stand a few miles away, so we stopped there too. We bought blueberries, peaches, cucumbers, and cherries.  This is the first stand we've seen since we've been on the road.

Jim wanted a book that isn't available to download on his Kindle so we made a quick stop at Borders Books. It's been a while since he's read an actual book made of paper.  He said he'll have to get used to turning pages again instead of pushing a button.  :)

We got home before it rained.  We still have more plans for the week so follow along.


Rod Ivers said...

When we were there years ago, we brought about half the beach home in sand inside the RV! The shower house was community, with numerous shower heads in one room. At least they had a boys shower and a girls shower. We also bought fruit at the stand, I think it was in Hammond, In.
Have fun!

Gin and Syl said...

Sounds like a nice place. We're planning to spend a summer around the Great Lakes when we finally hit the road. Being from NC, we're familiar with the Atlantic Ocean but can't imagine such a beach on a lake.


Happytrails said...

We have been looking into that state park to visit after the Escapade. We will be looking forward to seeing the pics. :)

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Speedy said...

I can't wait to read again.I love to read books and relax in the lawn chairs. It wont be long now!

heyduke50 said...

looking forward to your review of the park...