Sunday, June 20, 2010

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, Checking Map for Cooler Weather (Scott AFB, IL)

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Fathers!
Jim has been a great father and I'm proud of him.  When he was in the military, he still kept in contact with his sons.  Thanks for being there for them when you could.  Both boys called, that's great and we're very proud of them for the wonderful job they're doing with their own sons.

It was already 85 degrees when I got up at 9:00, so I KNEW it was going to be a hot one today.  Jim walked about a mile and half to get some time outside.   I read blogs for a while then decided to tackle defrosting the freezer.

Thanks to everyone that commented about why we have icicles hanging inside the door of the freezer.  We tried the paper to see if it pulled out and it does.  It's like there's no tension at all.  We're not real sure if the door needs to be adjusted or if the seal isn't right.  We're still working on it.

I decided to look into a trip to Canada for next summer.  I've been chatting with Sandra, who is in Canada, and since she isn't coming to the U.S. anymore (read her story here)  I really do want to meet her, and that will require us to go north, where it's cooler in the summer.  We may make plans to travel up to Ottowa, Ontario next summer, along with stays in North Carolina and Illinois to again be with family.  So, if we're in Canada why not take the trip to Newfoundland or to Nova Scotia?  It's only seven hours farther, and we have all summer.  It's a thought that we'll work on... Jim hasn't said no to it.

We watched the U.S. Open and the NASCAR race all afternoon.  The A/C in Tumbleweed is working really hard, and we also have a fan running.  It was 95 degrees with 65% humidity outside, and our inside temp doesn't get much below the low 80's.  We're still learning how to handle summer weather (just like we learned how to handle the cold last winter).  Keeping the night shades down and running the ceiling fan helps.  I think the weather forecast is more of the same for seven more days.  I'm still better off in the summer heat than the winter cold.

We have some more things to do with the grandkids this coming week, so stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Nova Scotia is beautiful. And there is wonderful, nearly free, music everywhere. I would highly recommend the city of Halifax for exploring and Charlottetown on PEI. Happy Father's Day to you and your family.

Gypsy said...

I have been tossing around the idea in my head to drive up through New England and crossing into New Brunswick and over to Nova Scotia as well. The big problem in Canada is the cost of fuel, which is priced by the liter.

Nancy and Bill said...

We traveled to Nova Scotia and New Foundland in our Class B Van. We LOVED New Foundland and plan to go back. Nova Scotia was good, however, some of the secondary roads were rough to travel. We really like the Cabot Trail. The people make both places special!!

Speedy said...

Cost would keep me from going up there. Sherri and I went several years ago and really enjoyed the tour we took. We will have to be a bit more frugal with our travel money when we get on the road than we use to be...but then we can still have fun. Fridge doors should vacuum lock when you close them. Close the freezer door and then try opening should be hard to open...if not your seals are leaking.

Vera said...

and when you are on the East Coast of Canada come on up to British Columbia. It's beautiful here ☺