Monday, June 21, 2010

Finally Cleaned Out the Basement (Scott AFB, IL)

We figured we'd clean out the basement today.  Jim knew we had to start early to beat the heat, with the temp due to be in the high 90's and high humidity (again!).  He went for his half-hour walk and then moved everything out of all the basement storage compartments.  I lagged a little behind, reading emails and the most recent blogs.

I went out to vacuum out the basement from all the grass and dirt that had accumulated.  They get dirty just from all the taking out and putting stuff back.  In the meantime our neighbor was dumping his black tank with a blue boy.   We've seen people use them from a distance but have never seen how they work up close.  A blue boy is a portable tank, usually 25 or 35 gallons and made of thick plastic, with wheels on the bottom and a handle to pull it with.  They're for use when you don't have a sewer hook up at your site and you want to dump your tanks without moving your rig.  Using your on board sewer hose, the "stuff" goes in a hole at the top, and once you pull it to the dump station it's drained out a hole on the side.  Very handy.  We don't have one and we're not sure if we want one.  They take up quite a bit of storage space.

Our neighbor have been on the road for about a year and they camp a lot in places without sewer hook ups, such as state parks.  He hooks his Blue Boy to the trailer hitch on his pickup truck and tows it to the dump station.  He stores it in the back of his pickup when its not being used.

It's hard to believe almost all the stuff in our basement can fit on a picnic table.

The bottom left picture shows our rear basement that has doors on each side and the rear.  We keep our chairs, lawn mat, a few long items, hoses and electric cord in there.  Not many fifth wheels have a rear storage compartment.  It's one of the features that we like about Carriage products.  I was pleased we didn't find ants and bugs or critters, just dirt.

By the time I was done  sweeping it was really humid.  I was soaking wet and getting my breath was really hard.  The past two years I've had trouble with humidity. The temperatures don't bother me if there's no humidity with it.  I'm anxious to get more up north and see if it's still this bad.  I feel like someone is sitting on my chest.  Once I got inside and cooled down and drank lots of water I was ok.

We both took a cool shower and just crashed the rest of the afternoon watching TV and reading.  Tomorrow we're suppose to take the kids to the pool.  The temperature is suppose to be 99 with a heat index of 105 or more.  It's June... what will it be like in August?


Leno said...

I am not liking the heat either Dee. The older I get the more it bothers me.
We have cleaned our storage area out so many times. We will have to do it again before we pull out of here next week.
Try to stay cool. The problem with the pools are they just aren't cold enough to cool you off with this heat.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh great organization! and having it all out there on the table really gives you an idea of what is in there, and what you need and how to compact it.

Now can you come clean out ours?

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Hi guys how are you doing, we are suffering through the heat also,Sam was going to take Adam to the Lake yesterday but there were predicting severe thunderstorms,so they stayed home , all we got was a short drizzle and then the sun came back out, supposed to be hot and sunny now for 4 days, so Sam told Adam that the doggie park for Rigg;s to swim and then he will take Adam to the water park later to swim in the afternoon. We miss you guys, be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

The Happy Wanderers said...

Hey Jim & Dee, Why are you guys staying in the high heat and humidity? You are retired and live in a home on wheels. Come on out to Colorado where the humidity is normally 10% to 20% and the nights are cool enough to require a blanket if you sleep with the windows open.
We'd love to see you pull in here at Mountaindale.
E & M