Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cemetery -- Labeling Pictures -- Racing (Scott AFB, IL)

It's Sunday, I think... we sometimes lose track.  This is NASCAR day so we knew Frank would be over to watch the race with us. 

It was hot by 11:00 but we wanted to take a walk around the area.   There's a small cemetery a short walk down the street so we went to take a look.  There are 16 graves, and the ones that have readable gravestones date from before the Civil War. 

Another view of our RV park, looking down the road from the cemetery, with Scott lake to the left.

It was really getting very warm and humid, so we walked back to the RV.  Ticks are very bad here so we have to keep checking for them every time we leave the RV.  I had one on the back of my heel but got it before it attached itself to me.  I hate those things.

Frank arrived shortly after the race started.   Jim is really enjoying these times spent watching sports with Frank.  The two boys always watched sports with Dad when they were growing up, and that's one thing Jim's missed since we became empty nesters.  After he left I worked with Picasa to label more photos. From now on I'll label the photos right away as I download them from the camera.  I'm still labeling the pictures I took at the April RV-Dreams rally.

Storms came toward us but went around us to the south or north.  I could watch the lightning from my chair.  We didn't even get rain today.

When we arrived three days ago we met our neighbors, who live in a motor home parked in an overflow site with no hookups.  Turns out they NEVER have hookups.  They live all the time off their 12-volt system, with rooftop solar panels to keep their batteries charged.  That means they don't have air conditioning!  I can't imagine being in there with no way to stay cool.  They're from Arizona so they're used to heat, but the humidity is so much worse here.  It doesn't seem to bother them, so I guess they'll be OK.  They're here till end of the month.


Unknown said...

Sounds as though you had a good day. May tomorrow be as good.

Gypsy said...

I dislike air conditioning because it means you have to stay indoors, and I'd much rather be outside in the shade with a tall glass of something cold.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Glad the boys are getting in their fill of sports LOL

We camp most often without hookups in our motorhome too, as you know. Perhaps during the hottest part of th day they are kicking on their generator and running the air conditioning with that?? That is what we do if it gets unbearable. But usually it's not that bad in the areas we frequent.

Karen and Steve

Mark from Missouri said...

Hope it does not sound weird but we often look for famous graves. Here locally we have the Jesse James grave as well as several from his gang. My father and I once found the Shepard of the Hills grave after much research. And found Daniel Boones son's grave on a hilltop. Went to the library and confirmed it was his.