Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Move to Another Site -- Visiting Friends (O'Fallon, IL)

No storms, no rain and we both slept all night. What a good night.

We packed up, moved to the dump station and emptied our tanks, and then made the short move to another site.  This site is bigger and nicer except for when it rains, then it will be muddy.  We met another great couple that is staying off base because it's full here but they were here to do laundry.  We're meeting the neatest people.

Here's a comparison of the sites:
First was site 22
Second is site 21

Last one site 3, we're in the middle. 
We have so much more room.  Jim bought more cable for the satellite dish so he could set it up on the other side of the trees.

This is a view of the bath house across the street from us.  Very close.   We went two weeks before dumping our tanks by using the bath house for showers.  They're very clean, and have great water pressure!

We went to spend the evening with friends Deloris and Les, who we knew from when we lived in this area during our military days.  They've moved to a nearby town and built a beautiful house. The dinner and fellowship was awesome! Thank you guys for an excellent evening.

We got home at 11pm, so after getting the blog up we headed for bed. We'll be busy the next few days so stay tuned.


RonandJacki said...

Did my evening check of Nat'l Weather Service doppler radars, looked like a pretty intense ( no red or yellow spots) stream of storms heading your way from St. Louis up toward Toledo and across east into the entire state of New York. Be safe, pleasant dreams.

Ken and Nanette said...

What a difference a number makes -- those three pictures look like different campgrounds entirely.

Hope all is going well!

Ken and Nanette

KarenInTheWoods said...

Although I liked the look of second site, the third does have you in deeper and more room to park in front of the fifth wheel. Glad you get to move around even if it IS in the same park! LOL

Karen and Steve
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