Saturday, April 24, 2010

Son and Grandsons-- Tornadoes in Area O'Fallon, IL

We slept quite late this morning. we're tired from the long traveling and late night last night.  It wasn't raining when we got up but by noon it was raining with storms coming in from the West. We did a lot of computer work till our son, Frank, and grandsons, Kyle and Kendall, came about 1pm.    They love it here and the kids want to do an overnight with us.  We'll see what day we can make that happen.  We went over schedules for the week for everything going on with them.

This is Banjo, a new addition to their family.

Kendall, with Mom Angie.
Kyle and Jim are watching-
Frank and Kendall playing around.
We're going to like spending the next few weeks here.  The kids have some things they want to do with us.  It's great NOT to be in a hurry to leave like a normal vacation.

We went to the commissary in between rain storms.  When we got back there were tornado sirens going off on base. We turned on the TV and heard there was a long line of storms coming our way.  We just sat and watched the skies.  We had hard rains but it passed with nothing else, so we breathed a sigh of relief.

We're glad to be here awhile, and will relax and just do what the kids want  to do. I'll catch up on reading and computer work.  I want to learn more about the Live Writer and Pacasa computer programs.


Gypsy said...

Nothing like spending time with grandkids, and it's wonderful when you turn them back over to their parents and you can go home and rest!

Happytrails said...

Glad you all arrived safely and will have time to spend with those grandchildren.
Hopefully these storms will be over soon. It has been a volatile day.
Mike loves Live Writer...I haven't learned as much about as I should yet. So much to learn!!

Mike & Gerri (

Speedy said...

I have to use Live Writter because of the bad cells we get into now and again. If I don't have a good Internet signal I could not write a journal entry on line. With Live Writer I can write one load the pictures and then upload it to the net when I do get a good signal. Works great for me.