Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Visit to Clearwater

Tampa Skyline

We were on our way by 9:00 to the Tampa Bay area for a visit with Jim's (ex)-coworkers. Jim worked for Progress Energy in the Raleigh, NC call center. There are two other call centers, located in Clearwater, FL and Lake Mary, FL. Several of his co-workers are in the Clearwater center. The one who works in Lake Mary drove over to Clearwater to join the get together.

Kisha was Jim's main work partner. They both took care of all the staffing and scheduling for over 400 customer service agents in the three call centers, but now she's taken over most of Jim's work that he did in Raleigh. She's the one who drove over from Lake Mary. Being in another location doesn't hinder her from doing her job.

Jim's boss, Dave, was kind enough to order in lunch, which was Chicken Parmesan, pasta, salad and garlic bread knots. It was delicious! Thanks everyone for the great lunch and wonderful time.

L to R: Cathy, Kim, Dave, Jim, Sandy, Kisha, Paul, Joe and James

While we were in the area we wanted to check out Sumter Oaks RV park near Bushnell. It's an Escapees park and we heard good things about it. They don't turn away anyone and there's no limit on the stay unless they are full. This winter they didn't fill up. The sites aren't really close, it's a very clean park, and an activities director is on site during the winter months. We'll put it on the list of possible parks for next winter.

Sumter Oaks RV Park.

The office building.

Just down about a mile or so from Sumter Oaks is Breezy Oaks RV Park. It's a private park. The sites are close together. One advantage is it's a PA park (Passport America). We didn't stop to ask questions, but it's also a possibility. The nearest grocery store for either of them is eight miles into Bushnell, which also has a Wal-mart.

I thought I'd add the parks we visit for those that ask about parks in the area. We're going to look at different areas of Florida for next year's stay. Unless we're in a very good park, and if we can get into other parks that aren't full, we'll be moving once a month. Now, that's not in stone, just what we're hoping to do.

We got back to Tumbleweed about 4:30. This morning before we left we saw water dripping from under the bottom of the rig. We pushed on the fabric and the water dripped through some small holes in the fabric. Most of it seems to be soaked into the insulation behind the fabric. We're not sure where it's coming from. It rained all day yesterday so maybe it's leaking down through the slide into the bottom. Another possibility, Jim did a partial dump yesterday, so maybe it's a loose fitting somewhere. Anyway, we haven't found any water inside (yet). We don't feel it's serious enough to interfere with our plans, so we'll press on for now and plan to have it fixed when we get to the dealer the middle of April.

It was a wonderful day with some great people. Thank you for reading the blog. We hope you can retire and live your dream someday.

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