Monday, March 22, 2010

Fla DMV - Shopping

Cooler, windy and rainy. Nothing shows up on radar about rain, but it rained off and on all day. That's what we found the last time we lived in Florida. It rains when the sun is shining, one cloud will drop enough water to get your car seats wet if the windows are open.

The first thing we had to get done today was get our licenses. Jim had collected all our information and with a folder full of stuff we headed to the DMV. There was NO ONE there! We walked right up to the counter. We got there after the early morning traffic of people and while we were there the place was filling up fast. It took over an hour, the power went off so they had to reset the computers, and that took time. We had a wonderful lady that was very friendly and we teased back and forth about being in Florida coming in from NC. The only thing left is registering the RV, which we'll do next week when we're in Jacksonville.

We went shopping for a few things that our driving instructor told us to get. Just little things like a Y-connector and water pressure gauge. There's always things to get to help along the way for RVing. My clip on the cell phone broke, so got one of those. I don't like the phone in my pocket, I like wearing it on my pants. We're starting to know where things are located and as we've heard as full timers, it's time to move on. We have one more full day here then we'll pull out.

The rest of the afternoon was looking up parks and watching more RV's come and go. It rained off and on so we didn't get to wash the rig like we wanted to do. It's still hard to think we're not just on vacation. We still love this lifestyle.


KarenInTheWoods said...

Gosh.. whoddah thunk of the DMV with NOBODY there waiting in line?

I thought half those folks were leftover from the waiting line the day before and got locked in overnight!

Karen and Steve

Speedy said...

Now that is first! First in line...that does not happen often. See being full time has it's advantages.

Happytrails said...

Hey, all that first in line stuff and the DMV lady was friendly. Wow, now that is a FIRST.

Stay safe!!

Mike and Gerri(

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Great timing! I love it when it is smooth sailing when you want to get some things done!

Nice job on the FL state photo thing...