Wednesday, March 31, 2010

View from the Other Side - Sightseeing

This was a very productive day! We got a call yesterday that our title for the RV had arrived at the DMV. We headed there first today and now everything is done. There was NO ONE at the DMV at 9:15am. If you are ever in Fla and you need to get work done at the DMV, we've been to two different areas and both had no one in the office at 9:15.

Our park is now getting some tenters. Here's one in-between the trees.
As the title of the blog states, we went to the other side of the channel on A1A to see what the view was looking toward Naval station and our RV park. We took the Mayport Ferry across the St. John's River to Huguenot State park. There's several RV's that we could see from our RV park and wanted to see more of what was there.

This is the ferry slip on the other side from Mayport.
View of the captains area on the ferry.
The RV sites at Huguenot State Park are spacious. No hookups, but you do get a fire ring and picnic table. You can drive on the beach but it's not safe to leave the car if you aren't sure when the tide will come in, so always be aware. It's nice if you like boondocking and like the ocean. It's very windy now but it may not be that windy later in the summer.
This is the restroom and snack center. It's very clean.
Not very many here today, but we're thinking it would be more crowded this summer.

The water can come up fast when the tide comes in all the way to the right side dunes.
Rough waves where the ocean meets the inlet.
We continued on A1A on up to Fort Clinch State Park. Fort Clinch has two RV parks. The first one is on the Atlantic beach with open skies, electric and water hook ups and nice areas. It also has a bath house.

The second park is on the St. John's river, which is more rustic. No sewer hook ups, but a dump station on the way out of the park. There's a really nice bath house.

No swimming here, but there's bicycle and hiking trails everywhere.
Fort Clinch was also interesting. We've visited three forts on the east coast, all very different and built for different purposes. Fort Clinch was built just before the Civil War and its purpose was to guard the Amelia Inlet.We went back via I-95, over the S.R. 9A bridge. We'll be heading north on this bridge, and since I'm not real happy about any bridge, Jim wanted me to get use to it so I can drive it behind him on Sunday.
This bridge can be seen from quite a distance.
Down the other side.
We made it back home and just relaxed for an hour before going out with our neighbors to Sticky Fingers. It's a great BBQ place that has pulled pork and ribs. What a great place. We also stopped at a wine store and Peterbrooke Chocolates.

It was warm enough before the sun goes down that Jim turned on the air conditioner for the first time to see if it works. It cooled down the rig in not time. It's not that hot, but at least we know it works.

After dinner we just kicked back and thought about how great life is on the road, just to pick up and do anything you want to do. It was wonderful being with Al and Verniene on their last night in this park. I'm sure we'll meet up again.


Gypsy said...

I see you started a "states traveled" map. Nice touch.

Bob and Molly said...

Nice to see you having a great time!!! Hugs and enjoy!!! :)

KarenInTheWoods said...

Nice pics and thanks for reviewing the other campgrounds too ....

Karen and Steve