Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jacksonville, FL with a Friend

We had a full day today with sunny skies and temperature 78. The first thing this morning was to have the car check engine light checked. It's a vacuum sensor so we'll get it checked out later, at least we don't have to do something immediately.

We made plans to meet with Charles, an RV-Dreamer chatter that I've chatted with for three years. We met Charles at THE Rally in Perry, Georgia in 2008. He helped us along as newbies to the idea of going full time. It was great seeing him again today. He knows the area and took us on a nice tour of downtown Jacksonville. Thank you Charles for a great day.

Click on the pictures to make them larger.

Jacksonville Skyline
Baseball stadium where a minor league team plays
Home of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars

We got back to the base and did some shopping at the NEX(Navy Exchange). Then we sat outside with our RV neighbors, Al and Verniene. We laughed so hard we drew several other people over that joined the fun.

After dinner I went down to the channel to see what was coming in or going out. There was a shrimp boat and a cargo ship. I was told last night to watch for dolphins following the boats. Tonight there was one jumping along. They're quick but I got a picture of one coming up out of the water.

There was NO wind tonight so I got bit up with "no see ums". It's a very tiny little bug with a huge bite. I finally gave up and went inside. What a wonderful day.


Speedy said...

It is so good to see you both having so much fun. Can't wait to see you.

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Beautiful pictures! Are you staying on the naval base?

Tumbleweed Dee said...

Randy: Yes we are! It's awesome.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Great pics Dee... I just love vicarioulsy camping along with you as you guys are getting out and about.

Karen and Steve
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