Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hitched Up and Moved on to SC

I'd like to thank everyone that writes comments to us on the blog. We learn through you and get quick responses. The overweight of 500 pounds to me sounds like a lot, Jim says it's only the weight of the generator, but we'll watch what we put in. Like they say, what goes in something goes out (guess that means same weighted item).

I hardly slept at all last night. I think that's going to be the norm when we move the next day. I get nervous till we are actually hooked up. We got up at 7:00 and had everything ready except the hitching by 8:50. We've been having trouble getting the hitch jaws to close around the kingpin. A nearby gentleman lubricated it and it then hitched right up. Lesson learned. We have some silicone spray somewhere in the basement.

We drove 220 miles. We left at 9:15 and got to the BASS LAKE RV CAMPGROUND at 2:00. We wanted to stay on the main highway, so came to Smithfield, NC, hit I95 then to Dillon, SC. There was a couple times we had very light rain, but the trip was nice and quiet.

The park is small but very nice. Wi-fi is low (but free). If the park was full the RV's would be close but still not as bad as we've seen on some of the blogs. The owner is very friendly and talked to us at quite a length on how the park is setup and what he plans to do with it. They bought it in 2008 and trying to get it going with more additions. There's a really nice bath house and a washer and dryer that looks brand new.

This is the play area if there's kids.

Looking toward the bathhouse from our RV

This is from our back window. There's not very many people here

Closeup of the bathhouse

Note the sign. This is the park owner's boat. He goes out on the lake to get floating golf balls that's hit from a driving range to the target areas in the lake.

The lake with the two golf areas

Owner going out

We're staying here till Friday morning. It started raining an hour after getting here, so we made it in good time. It's suppose to rain all day tomorrow. We want some downtime tomorrow and just relax. There's plenty to do on the computers, and I need to do some more cleaning.

The chatters told me there's going to be times you can't keep the RV clean. I found out yesterday just how bad it can get. It was very muddy and sandy at the last park and this one has sand too. We'd like to buy some Crocs, so we can come in and out of them faster then our shoes that we have to tie to do outside stuff.

We're in for the night. It's such a strange feeling to get up in the morning and be somewhere else with your own place just four hours later. What a deal!


roamingwhenwecan said...

Looks like a nice park.. Yes, now you have the time to just relax and take your time. Isn't it nice?!
I love having crocs for just the reason you mentioned, easy on and off.

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Do you have a rug inside your front door. That works wonders. Also a mat outside helps or carpeted steps.

Glad to see you made it safely to your next destination!

Tumbleweed Dee said...

We have a foot carpet at the top of the steps. We're getting a mat once we get to Fla. forgot it yesterday while in Morehead City. Thanks for the suggestions.

Avery's Wanderings said...

Dee & Jim: You may find a outdoor rug at Wal mart. The one here in Foley has them. Enjoyed the pictures. Happy Trails.

Texas Yellow Rose said...

We have an awning mat that allows dirt to sift through it and it seems to work pretty well. Sounds silly, but I got a kitty litter box at Walmart to put our outdoor shoes in as soon as we enter the rig. Kinda fun going barefoot or in comfy socks inside! I also got some clogs from Tractor Supply that are easy on/easy off and are rubber? so they are washable and great in rain. Have fun, be safe, and we can't wait to get on the road, too!

Speedy said...

Know about keeping the RV clean. With all this rain and snow we have had a hard time keeping things in order and mud free.

Clark said...

I'm really enjoying reading your blog. My wife and I plan to do the same thing in 2 years so we are reading your blog very close and learning. I appreciate the way you express how you are feeling about diffent situations. We also really appreciate all your pictures. We wish you good things! Keep up the work! Thanks
Clark & Sandy in Tecumseh, KS. PS my parents were full timers too but I didn't pay enough attention to them.

Bob and Molly said...

Dee,check out the new microfiber rugs at Bed Bath and Beyond...they make GREAT mats for the front door because they catch everything, they're very thin and lie flat, and clean up so easily. Lots of RVer's use them. They are great!
Travels safely! HUGS!

Allan and Jeanne said...

I use Crocks for the same reason you mentioned. In Florida and west Texas door mats indoors helps keep the sand- spurs at the doorway and not throughout the trailer.