Thursday, February 4, 2010

Watching DVR - Taking Mom Out to Dinner

After a half decent night, I got up at 9:00. I wanted to get LOST watched and it was three hours long (on DVR is was about two). I did get some emails read and some blogs.

I ironed some clothes for Jim's last few days of work. I have a little ironing pad that I finally found and it works well on top of the counter. I'm glad I did bring the iron and I don't miss the ironing board at all.

I left at 3:00 to pick up mom for some errands she wanted to do. She bought a couple little appliances and a sweater, you'd think she was in heaven. I love it when she gets things for herself. Then we took her with us out to dinner then for a friends birthday celebration.

We're gearing up for another winter snow/mixture storm for the weekend. It's suppose to be more rain than snow, but the temps will be very low again. So far the propane is holding up. We'll probably fill up tomorrow afternoon, just in case.

Not much happening. It's 32 HOURS till Jim retires.

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