Saturday, February 13, 2010

SPORTS, Olympics, Racing - SNOW???

Last night was the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Vancouver. I felt bad for them at the very end when they went to light the torch one side of the pillars didn't come up. I love the Olympics, both summer and winter. My favorite is the bobsled but close behind is the downhill. It sounds like they're having a lot of trouble with weather with NO snow and not cold enough. The snow has gone South this winter. We're hoping the downhill will be done, but as of today, it's been postponed till they get colder air and no rain.

Today was the Nationwide race and truck race from Daytona. They're on restrictor plates but the speeds are still high and several wrecks. There's been a few new rules for this season. There's also a female Indy racer in the mix this year. There's a couple women in the race but only one gets all the attention, Danica.

Last night it started snowing hard about 8:00. We figured we'd get at least 3 inches, but the weather guy said we had a total of four. The roads stayed clear and by noon most of it was already gone. Nothing like it was the last time we got snow.

Notice the road behind the truck? CLEAR
We played games and read blogs while watching TV. We're very comfortable but ready to get moving with our new lifestyle. We're still on water tanks and not city water, but at least we have electric to keep the fireplace going. We've learned a lot about winter RV'ing, but hopefully we'll be warmer next winter.

Where will we be next week? I love suspense.........

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Gypsy said...

Every blog I've read today has commented about the opening ceremony. It must have been awesome, although I probably wouldn't have watched it if I had a TV, lol.