Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cabin Fever has Set in -- Cold Rain All Day

Something woke me at 9:30, so I got up. It was raining and didn't quit till late afternoon. The temperature was 35 so there was no freezing, that will come later in the week.

I did nothing today but read blogs. I'm all caught up. I watched TV and read a few articles. I also moved around with some exercises. I'm getting cabin fever. I'm ready to get out, since I've been in the RV since Thursday. Not that I'm uncomfortable, just that I'm tired of winter and need out for awhile.

Tomorrow I'll be out and about going to meet up with my former boss and co-worker, taking mom out for groceries, (and me too) and doing the laundry that's piling up. I need quite a bit food for our next snow storm this weekend. I sure hope this gives up by the time our RV parts come in. Timing will be everything.

We're staying warm though and no frozen pipes as yet.

Jim has six days to work. He's getting anxious about it, but it will all work out.

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