Sunday, January 17, 2010

Visitors - First Storm

What a life! We get up on Sundays and just lounge around. Jim loves his Sunday morning TV shows and I like catching up on blogs from the whole week, if I don't get to read them during the week. I also worked on the Texas trip for campgrounds for an hour.

We took a nice leisurely walk through our park for the first time with temperatures up to 70. We had very hard rains all night long and rain all day but it was nice enough mid afternoon for the walk. When we got back the TV receiver wouldn't come on, it was over heated. I shut the doors to it since we're having company this afternoon, but found when the temps are higher the door has to be open. Something else learned.

Our visitors came for the afternoon to see the RV and sit with us awhile. They are part timers and on the road quite a bit, so they showed us some little things and talked RV'ing. We're hoping to get with them at the end of summer for a camping out together.

We had our first really heavy rain and thunderstorm with higher winds then usual. Everything stayed together, even though the Satellite went out for a bit. Thunder is louder and lighting is brighter, but we're doing ok. I love firsts and learning new things.

Days left to leave for Texas 30

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