Monday, January 18, 2010

Busy Day, Mom, Last of the "Stuff"

I had to get up a lot earlier then normal to get everything done today.

I stopped at the park office to arrange time and place to practice with the RV on Friday. They have a big area to learn to backup and park in a tight space. Jim wants to practice with the maneuvering and reaction from truck to trailer.

I picked up mom and went to the place to service the car. I wanted a trip check and my cruise control went out so they had ordered a part to put in the car. While we were there we walked to KMart to shop and pass time. I had to have stove top plates, those things that sit under the burners for the apartment stove. They're not cheap, but at least I found some. It wasn't long I got a call saying the car was done. I love that place, it's one of the places I can count on and they're very fair in pricing. The car will need an oil seal before long but it will hold for the first trip. Once we get back from Texas I'll see if it's still something we want to do in keeping the car.

We went for lunch then over to the apartment. I called the person that wanted the sofa. She came right over and also took most of the stuff I had for VETS. I still have some stuff for them to pick up, but sure got rid of a lot today. Once VETS picks up the rest, it's all cleared out. We can close out the apartment probably the first week of February. I did the laundry while at the apartment so that's done for the week.

We went for groceries while the laundry was drying. All good timing. When I got back it was all done. I dropped mom back home and I headed to the RV. I made it just before Jim and getting dinner on time. What a busy day. A lot was accomplished and all the "stuff" will be gone shortly.

Days left to leave for Texas 29

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Dream Reachers said...

I hope you get the feeling of freedom like we did after getting rid of our "stuff". Life seems much simpler now. Hope your drivers training goes well.