Thursday, January 28, 2010

Visiting an RV'er Gonnabe

I stayed with Karen in the RV-Dreams chatroom till early this morning. She's in Wisconsin and trying to keep warm with the low temperatures they're having right now Thanks Karen.

I read some blogs, played with Bejeweled in Facebook awhile then took off for the day with some friends we've made in the RV'ing world. I had the GPS and a map from mapquest along with directions and made it there and back without getting lost. I'm getting better at finding places.

Thank you Gail for a wonderful afternoon and the lunch. It was great all around. I have to say you've done a very good job at downsizing. Gail & Rick are going fulltime and selling everything. They're putting the house up for sale in March and working hard to prepare. It's a fantastic place which will sell fast.

I got home without any problems and met Jim who just pulled in so I got us something to eat and we left for the hockey game. His boss gave us tickets as a goodbye.

Jim is working this weekend to help out with the winter storm.

Date Jim quits is February 11, 2010.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Ahhh yes, we found something really good to laugh about, didn't we?

Glad you had a great lunch with the RV couple and had a lot to share. What fun!

Hope you have a great time at the hockey game, perhaps see you in chat later.

Gail (and Rick) said...

Thanks for driving all the way out here Dee! Hope you're having a good time at the hockey game :)