Friday, January 29, 2010

Hunkering Down for the Winter Storm

The hockey game last night was so neat. The Hurricanes played well and won. We've only gone to one other game this year so it's good to get back. Jim's boss gave him the tickets and the parking pass. What a good time.

Jim didn't work today, so all morning he got the RV ready for our winter storm. We don't get snow or ice very often but when we do it's a huge deal around here and sometimes they get it totally wrong. This one looks like it's going to hit as mostly ice. There are three lines with snow/sleet and mixture. We're just south of the main snow line so may be all ice. Jim dumped the tanks, put in water, filled the propane in case we run the generator. It's all ready that we know how to do.

The campground manager came by and gave us our electric bill. It was lower then I thought it would be for running the fireplace 24/7 and the little heater. I was pleased.

We also got word from the insurance and the dealer. We're on the move. It looks like we'll go back to the dealer in a couple weeks. It will be after Jim retires, so we'll get it the RV repaired then go to Morehead City from there then on to Fla. We'll visit another RV'er that's in Savannah, Ga. and Linda & Howard, the RV-Dreams site owner on our way. Nothing is set in stone, but gives us something to work on.

The rest of the day, I played computer games and watched the clouds roll in.


Joe and Sherri said...

Sounds like a plan to me. Glad to see you doing OK. We are soaked here. We have had so much wet weather I am turning into a prune!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh stay safe and stay warm with that storm! Good luck!